Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cadaveric Curse

In Belo Horizonte in the far away lands of Brazil there is a monster lurking, waiting in the shadows, hiding behind the trees, working in obscurity and darkness of the unknown underground. They simply call themselves Cadaveric Curse and they do not release much information about themselves. The music is crazy extreme metal grind with angry animal growling and even angrier primal drumming to call for disaster and chaos of the guitars to the realm of the Cadaveric Curse annihilation of order and scrutiny of the eyes unseen by it. They are Alex Grind and Fabio Grind, two chaos brothers united for the cause of the unapproachable and unreachable sounds. You want names. You want names! Names for the hereafter and names for the now. Cadaveric Curse has three names for you: Sarcófago, Napalm Death and Terrorizer.
Grind maniacs must contact this band and ask them to provide more music and more information. They seem to claim that they have a new recording coming up, but it's not clear because they do not say much online. At the first link below you can three tracks as support for their campaign to destroy music. Listen only if you have a tendency for the fugly sounds of disorder.

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