Saturday, March 18, 2017

Air Mata Hitam

Air Mata Hitam is a black metal band from Indonesia. They call their style gothic black metal and their music so far seems to be raw demo recordings, but this publication cannot say with certainty. On the other hand, if you enjoy raw black metal in general, Air Mata Hitam could interest you, especially as they progress in the future. Below you will find a couple of links where you can hear the music of the band.
BIO: Date first formed and why called Air Mata Hitam? First Air Mata Hitam already there who wear the name of which in the form of by Reiza or can call om jaja (vocals) and om joy (bass) and other personnel with gothic metal genre. The band comes from the city of Bogor his right warban solar chariot. For the year we do not know for sure, because the first Air Mata Hitam vacuum and om jaja had decided to replace the name of his band with scrime genre of thrash metal over the time and years.
In 2010 there was one event that was held at the Bogor garden Bogor cap. Ask a friend to meet and create an association, ntends to make a band at the time endha, bojesh, gozin, agez, dameh, maya. At that time there was to spark the name and decided to forward the name of Air Mata Hitam. The meaning of a name is the black tears, tears of pain which can be said very poignant regret in his life story in the past. After a few months my mid eza step in and fill as a vocal, start running brifingan and exercise to try what my ability to enter criteria and thank god until now I still believe.
Why we chose the genre of gothic black metal? Because most of the personnel like gothic black metal most liked and we took his middle way combining gothic black metal.
What only musical themes in our songs? Lyric and song of Air Mata Hitam bercenderung brings about death, the law of God and darkness. Journey day by day and month. Our practice brifingan and some shortcomings in the process of making a song we replace vemale and add a keyboard player so nuanced that more gothic and dark and in 2011 cyber replaced by dyah and mercy as a keyboard to fill in the songs that we've made and start to finalize the concept of matter in the song. Few months we rehearse, we ventured brifingan with compactness we tried what we could. In 2012 ferprom prime Air Mata Hitam garden Bogor cap. Regist in each event event which existed at the time of the year as his running time we were invited by a friend to participate until 2013, 2014, 2015. Until now, we continue to work despite the split out of the personnel, we survive and gather a small family should who help each other and exchange ideas despite frequent differences of opinion will continue to try and learn from our mistakes before his.

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