Tuesday, February 7, 2017

NEWS: Heaven's Guardian

OFFICIAL: The release date of the HEAVEN’S GUARDIAN album „Signs“ on CD is January 27th, 2017 on Pure Steel Records. Melodic Power Metal from Brazil is presented by the septet HEAVEN’S GUARDIAN, already active since 1997. Through Pure Steel Promotion we distribute the actual, already third album „Signs“, which has some bombastic tunes on it. Rough male vocals of Flávio Mendez unite with the melodic and dramatic female voice of Olivia Bayer, heavy guitar riffs meet up with keyboards and powerful doublebass drumming. Recommended for all fans of bands such as Angra, the (Opera) Metal master Nightwish and also bands like Brainstorm and Mystic Prophecy.
1. Religion
2. Time
3. Strength
4. Journey
5. Fantasy
6. Dream
7. Change
8. Passage
9. War
10. Silence
Total Playing Time: 57:12 min
Olivia Bayer – vocals (female)
Flávio Mendez – vocals
Luiz Maurício – guitars
Ericsson Marin – guitars
Everton Marin – keyboards
Murilo Ramos – bass
Arthur Albuquerque – drums
BIO: It took months in the studio for the band Heaven’s Guardian from Goiânia/Brazil to produce a work that could gather everything they glimpsed when they passed through radical changes in 2013. With the addition of new players and boasting two singers, new possibilities were open. Now, Olívia Bayer and Flávio Mendez (vocals), Ericsson Marin and Luiz Maurício (guitars), Murilo Ramos (bass), Arthur Albuquerque (drums) and Everton Marin (keyboards) present the album Signs.
Recorded at Mr.Som studio (São Paulo, Brazil) the album was produced by Marcello Pompeu and mixed and mastered by Heros Trench, both professionals who conquered a Latin-American Grammy in 2010. Heavier, without losing its melodic essence, Signs pictures this new phase with different guise and identity than what the now septet Heaven’s Guardian was doing previously in its career.
Besides playing in the country’s greatest venues like Via Funchal (SP) and Claro Hall (RJ) and playing alongside legends like Saxon, Megadeth, Blind Guardian, Sepultura, Helmet and Tim "Ripper" Owens, Heaven’s Guardian was the first Heavy Metal group from the Brazilian state of Goiás to get approval from 'Projeto de Incentivo a Cultura da Prefeitura de Goiânia' (City of Goiania Cultural Incentive Project). Such fact made possible to finish the DVD "X Years On The Road – Live At Gyn Arena", which celebrated ten years on the road and had the largest audience for a Rock group at Goiânia Arena Stadium with 4 thousand people present in the event held in May 7, 2005.
Their first record was "Roll of Thunder" (1999) which drew attention from various labels. Thus, Heaven’s Guardian established a partnership with Brazilian record company Megahard Records, that released their first album, Strava (2001). Critics liked some melodic and heavy tracks like "Fighters", "Freedom" and "Hope".
In 2004 was released "D.O.L.L." till then their most labored and audacious work, produced by Paulo Anhaia – four times Latin Grammy winner who worked with bands like Wizards, Monster and Tuatha de Dannan. D.O.L.L. was released in many countries including Japan, where Burrn! Magazine called it "essential for Rock fans" and gave it 9 out of 10.
In 2008, with the departure of singer Carlos Zema, Mario Linhares (Dark Avenger, Harllequin) took over and remained in the band until 2011. Even with changes, work and dedication are characteristics that never lacked in Heaven’s Guardian and new album, Signs is proof of that. The group now intends to start a series of shows and register their performances.
Heaven's Guardian- Dream (video clip)

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