Thursday, February 16, 2017

NEWS: Funeral Age (Seattle)

Seattle extreme metal band Funeral Age has posted news about the upcoming album. The band's origins date back to 1997 when they were called Suicide Culture, and later changed it to Funeral Age. So far they have two albums, according to Metal Archives. Fistful of Christ (2004) and Thy Martyrdom Come (2010). Listen to the band's music at the link below.
OFFICIAL: We are in pre-production for our third album!
It has been a while since we have posted anything on here to keep you guys informed with what we are up to, so here is an update on everything going on with Funeral Age.
At the moment we are taking a break from playing any live shows to put all of our time and focus into getting our long awaited third album recorded and released. The writing process has been completed for eight new songs, four of which we have played live over the last few years, and we are currently working on mapping out the proper tempos and recording scratch guitar tracks. After all of that has been finished we will record the drum tracks and get into the actual tracking of guitars and everything else.
We do not have an actual time frame for a release date, but the album is finally in the process of being recorded and will be in your hands before you know it!
Our last album, "Thy Martyrdom Come", was released in 2010 and continues to gain us new fans to this day, so we can't wait to get another album out for all of you to listen to.
- John

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