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interview: The Commander-in-Chief (part 2)

I hope that you have had a chance to read the first part of this very interesting interview with guitarist, singer and songwriter The Commander-in-Chief. In the first part she explained her projects and endeavors, as well as her music and her 2016 album I Am. The Commander is an artist driven by a strong sense of purpose. It is a breath of fresh air to learn about the artist and her refusal to accept the thought-control ideas of identity politics, globalism, liberalism and feminism. In this part, The Commander gives you her honest perspective on a controversial topic: Islamism. The Commander refuses to be quiet in the face of an overwhelming effort by the media, Hollywood and schools attempting to convince people that if you disagree with liberalism, identity politics and feminism, then you must be racist and sexist. It is liberals' and the left's way of shutting down disagreement. Well, The Commander disagrees big time! Read it for yourself. Thank you, Commander, for sharing your views.
Your blog talks about Islamism and immigration, too. Have you noticed that Caucasian Europeans are afraid to say the words radical Islam and Islamism? There is terrorism in Europe, and of course, there is terrorism in Muslim countries, too. People in Iraq and Afghanistan, for instance, know that there is terrorism in the name of a “true Islam,” but do you notice that many Europeans just do not want to recognize or even admit that there are Islamists in Europe? Why is this?
Terrorism and supremacist Muslims in Europe is a problem that has been enabled by poor or treacherous leadership by either delusional or fanatical politicians, as Muslim expansion and aggression was fought off by our ancestors. If defending your territory all of a sudden means that you are literally “Hitler” then, of course, we’ll get a reality where genital mutilation, child brides and honour killings are “culturally enriching us.” None of these issues are really ours, but for some strange reason they now are.
People don’t want to call a spade a spade because racism is the new witch-hunt. That’s why people are quiet. We are being sold the slogan that diversity is our strength. Diversity of ideas, as long as those ideas aren’t destructive and upward mobility, regardless of economic background, are great things that will strengthen a nation.
A society that voluntarily segregates itself will not, especially because it will enable the rise of leaders playing various ethnic groups against each other. It has actually been scientifically proven that multiculturalism creates more separation rather than unity. This of course becomes a problem for those true believers who subscribe to the magic-soil theory. If I import a person from far away and place them here in the UK, then they will be British as if by magic. Identity, loyalty to ancestry and the importance of heritage is something that all of our politicians completely disregard. When you then get people trying to create Sharia patrols here in Europe and ethnic Europeans are being targeted by violent Muslim supremacists nobody will say anything out of fear of being labeled racists, politicians will not lose face by admitting that they have failed, true believers within the government will keep on pushing for what they want and more and more people will be pushed into the extreme as they feel that their own territory, heritage and way of life is being threatened.
We’ve also gotten to the point where people aren’t used to proper leadership. So if a politician delivers on his or her promises there will be massive protest and general shock as people have gotten used to politicians just talking. Being a leader involves making uncomfortable decisions. Something that may seem uncomfortable at first may lead to more prosperity in the long run. Yet people are not thinking about "long-term," they want instant gratification and politicians have a tendency to give in to this public pressure as they are too concerned with their own popularity.
Aren’t there Islamists that function in open in the country where you live, the U.K.? They call for the beheading and stoning of gays, adulterers and many others; they call for an Islamic state and sharia law and they have protests out in the streets calling for the destruction of the U.K. Do you think that some British people are afraid of being called racists if they say something?
Yes, there are plenty of disturbing videos of this, I’ve posted some of them on my blog. You got angry young Muslim men shouting and then you got angry young white men shouting. Looks like a mess, especially if tensions escalate.
I assume that the majority are afraid, because people like to conform and don’t want to be ostracised. They see what happens to those conservatives and classical liberals who speak out and decide to stay quiet, whereas those who shout the loudest are those who hate immigration because they actually are real racists and real nazis. Yet new research suggest that the majority of Europeans regardless of nationality are supportive of a total Muslim immigration ban.
To be honest, I think that those who are supportive of the current transformation of Europe the most are those who live in the suburbs and don’t find themselves becoming a minority in their own neighbourhoods or those who are corporate, rubbing shoulders with well educated, over-achievers from all walks of life, then again one cannot forget that there are many who do believe in the current orthodoxy of borders being an evil invention, regardless of the consequences. You have patriots on one side and then you got all of those who are globalists on the other. The differences are irreconcilable. It is important to not forget that we have not been invaded by militant Islamists on our shores, this is a political move initiated by our leadership.
It is also obvious that there are people who aren’t really that keen on Islam, but who use it in order to undermine Christianity in Europe and Western traditionalism. It’s like politicians siding with the Chinese or the Iranian government rather than the American one, because they’ll use any excuse to undermine the West. These people are actually against us and will just as easily side with terrorism if they feel that this can be beneficial to their ideological cause.
In the hedonistic, secular West we are more irrational and religious than ever, we just fool ourselves into believing that we are not.
What about Islamism in Scandinavia? Have you been back to Norway recently? What do you see happening there? Have you by any chance been to Sweden and if so, what do you see there?
I don’t necessarily think Islam is an issue as long as it is contained. The problem is that we are too consumed with accommodating everybody else, even if it is detrimental to ourselves. Norway has as of late become very strict on immigration, but these have been my personal observations as a citizen the last times I’ve been there:
1-Norway has changed to such an extent that my father and I were the only white people at a supermarket up in the mountains, deep into the fjord land.
2-I’ve had elevator rides where I was the only white person and the only woman not wearing a burqa.
3-I’m not even Norwegian anymore, I’m an ethnic-Norwegian apparently.
4- I visited my grandmother some years back and there was a terror warning on the news “today the terror alert has been raised to severe.” That, in particular is ridiculous. Why are we supposed to accept this as a new reality?
The worse part is that when the grandparent generation dies out, we will have forgotten completely how things used to be. We will think that the current mess always was the norm. I have not been to Sweden in very many years and I have no intention of going there as I only hear about how dangerous it is. Even the mainstream media in Norway have covered it. It took them quite some years, but I guess it became too hard to deny that Sweden’s “feminist” politics have been an absolute failure. To be honest with you, Europe as a whole used to be very different, even when I was little. There would be border control and you had to have your documentation in order, when they ceased to do this I could only think about what a wet dream this had to be for organised crime. If there is no border patrol, human trafficking and drug smuggling become easy and harder to crack down on.
Anyway, I will end here. Thank you for your time! Do you have any other news that you would like to share? News about new music and your blog? By the way, can you give us some websites where people can buy your music?
Thank you very much for sending me the first interview ever regarding my blog :) It’s always good to ask questions and it’s always good to challenge our own beliefs. What it is that we want immigrants to “integrate into” for example is a question nobody is asking. We keep on mentioning vague values, that apparently are “our shared values,” but it can easily seem that we don’t really have a cultural identity anymore. It is not strange that foreigners should be horrified at the fractured families of the West or the unintelligible mainstream entertainment we have that produce nothing but icons of degeneracy and vulgarity.
High culture of beauty and excellence is something we have sacrificed on the altar of modernity. Spirituality and faith has been crushed and is routinely mocked. Masculinity is actively worked against in the school system. It is understandable that people would be reluctant to “integrate” into this. Let’s not forget that. After all, why should anyone respect a culture that doesn’t even respect itself?
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Thanks again! I’m wishing you all the best!
The Commander In Chief performs "Evolution" live on EMGtv
Let It Go by The Commander In Chief feat. Craig Ogden

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  1. Thanks for this opportunity for people to get to know this brilliant artist. I have been a fan for about two years and I am not sure what I like more, her amazing guitar work, her songwriting and singing, or her honest, intelligent, no-holds-barred attitude toward society, today. I adore this woman.