Wednesday, January 4, 2017

reminder: Thou Shall Kill in Everett this Saturday

Thou Shall Kill is an extreme metal band with horns pointing in the direction of early 90s death metal. The bio says that in 2006 they released demo Penance of Death and in 2008 "Feeding Christians To Lions" and in 2009 "True Evil" promo songs. In 2011 they had the EP From the North. Now, they plan to let loose a new album upon the fanatics: Death King Enthroned. Guitarist/vocalist Dragonis Khan sent back answers to questions about the band.
Your band has been playing live recently and seems to have scheduled more shows. What is behind this recent uptick in Thou Shall Kill shows?
Hailz! Well, first of all, we have been playing out live quite a bit. We are a band that enjoys playing live and seeing our fans. As a musician the best thing is to present our art to the audience. To see the energy between us and the crowd. New record to be released in 2017 also is a reason on shows. We also love playing out as much as possible.
Who are the members of the band now?
Dragonis Khan, vocals and guitar
Maddy Demonia Hebard, lead guitar
Frank Freak Kattner, bass guitar
Dillion Depoe, drums
Does your band have new music planned for 2017? Is it correct that you have not recorded new music since 2012?
Yes, new music is already been recorded and will be released in 2017. Death King Enthroned is our new full-length. 2012 was the last EP we recorded which was From the North. We went on tour and played countless shows and the band went on hiatus for a year. Sometimes you need to recharge the soul and that’s what we had to do.
What other plans do you have for 2017?
Release the new album and spread it like the plague to the world. We are very proud and full of pride with our new record. No one in Seattle is doing what were doing. Europe is in our sights for next year.
For people who are new to your music, what is the best place to hear your music?
Our music will be up on all the social networks soon. ReverbNation, Youtube for our videos as of now. We are revamping all our sites as we speak. And you can buy direct from us at shows or via
What’s next for your band?
Thanks for the time to spread our message of the left hand path. Through our music you will find strength and power to call upon your inner demons. We look forward to sharing the stage with our brothers and sisters of metal. Seeing our fans destroy in the pit to as we give them hell. We can’t wait to unleash our new music to the world!! See you on the road.

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