Tuesday, January 3, 2017

reminder: this Saturday in Everett: A Flourishing Scourge

Pacific Northwest progressive extreme metal band A Flourishing Scourge has been busy in the recent period. They have been recording an album that will be available in 2017. The album will follow up the band's 2015 EP As Beauty Fades Away. The band also went on the road to live the life of rock and roll and came back alive to tell about it. In addition, they have been straightening out some personnel issues.
They will be starting the year with a show in Everett on January 7th at Tony V's: Thou Shall Kill // A Flourishing Scourge // Aethereus.
This publication wanted to catch up on the details of the latest band happenings and this is what bassist Kevin reported about the upcoming album and the band's plans.
"The album is in final mixing in NY at Gojira's Silver Cord Studio. When that's complete, around the first of the year, it will go to mastering at Fascination Street in Sweden, to be mastered by Jens Bogren who also did some of my fave Opeth albums and a few of the Swedish classics.
From there we're going to do a couple months of promo, with a release date sometime in the March timeframe. We're currently planning on releasing it under our own inprint, Begotten Records, and pushing it out to labels etc., at that time. It's really turned out well, so we're hoping it will gain some traction.
The drums on the album were recorded by Samus Paulicelli of Decrepit Birth. Since then, Portland super-drummer Elijah Losch has permanently taken over the drum throne. He's easily one of the best extreme metal drummers in the PNW, so we feel pretty stoked about scooping up such a great rising talent.
With Elijah on board, we did a 12 date West Coast tour in October, along with Seattle's Rhine. It was our first venture out of the state, and we played shows in Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. The turnouts were hit or miss, largely depending on the local support to draw, but the shows all went very well, we learned a ton about the rigors of life on the road and, most importantly, we met some amazing people and bands creating great art everywhere we stopped."

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