Tuesday, January 10, 2017

NEWS: Sepulchral Curse

Sepulchral Curse (Finland)
At the Onset of Extinction (blackened death metal)
Transcending Obscurity Records
Release: 15 December 2016
Sepulchral Curse is an extreme metal band from Finland. They are probably new to you, but when you hear it you'll know that they are no novices at all. At the first link below you can get a taste of what they are all about. However, before you do that, inform yourself about the band and their history. They consider themselves "blackened death metal," which is another way of saying mosh pit ready now.
OFFICIAL: Finnish death metal group with members of Solothus have decided to take a step ahead, leaving behind their old school death metal past but not entirely. Sepulchral Curse have weaned on the Scandinavian black metal influences and merged it with their irrepressible Finnish brand of death metal, forging a sound that's steely and unique. Reminiscent of early Convulse, Tribulation, Bolzer, Dissection, Dawn, Naglfar, Demigod and Putrevore all rolled into one, the music is extremely refreshing in its scope, majestic in its drive and lethal in its execution. While old school revivalists are dime a dozen, here's one daring to do something different using the time-tested DNA of Finnish death metal without compromising on the heaviness. Classic-tinged, immaculate, and progressive.
Biography: Sepulchral Curse started taking shape in the early 2013 as a few tracks, riffs and ideas, still without an actual line-up, but with a clear vision: to create Death Metal in the vein of the elder statesmen of the genre while pushing and exploring the boundaries of a backbone line-up of drums, vocals, a guitar and a bass.
While the initiation of the band didn't occur until 2014, preparations were being made throughout 2013. The band began rehearsing for studio and live performances in January 2014 with the line-up of Kari Kankaanpää (Solothus), Jaakko Riihimäki (ex-Dethera, ex-Devastracktor, ex-Gladenfold), Tommi Ilmanen (Gambanteinn, Urgamla, ex-Dethera) and Niilas Nissilä (ex-Urgamla).
During the spring of 2014 the band entered the studio to record their debut EP titled "A Birth in Death". It was released by the Greek Chaos and Hell Productions during August 2014. After the release, the band concentrated on playing live around Finland.
At the end of 2015, Sepulchral Curse's new songs aimed for a heavier, more intricate sound. To fulfil this vision, a second guitarist was added to the line-up in the form of Aleksi Luukka to perfect the band's sound. As 2016 dawned, the band began pre-production for their second EP ”At the Onset of Extinction”. After hearing the raw rehearsal tracks, Transcending Obscurity Records saw the promise for excellence and offered Sepulchral Curse a record deal. ”At the Onset of Extinction” was recorded during the summer.
While the debut EP ”A Birth In Death” followed more traditional paths, ”At the Onset of Extinction” showed a whole new band to the world. Sepulchral Curse combines in their music the chaotic nature of Black Metal with the crushing, twisted sounds of Death Metal, entwining with the deeply occult and poetic lyrics of Tommi Ilmanen. Sepulchral Curse never want to restrict themselves in creative chains nor to make the same album twice. The only aspect that is certain, is death.

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