Wednesday, January 11, 2017

NEWS: The Ritual Aura

The Ritual Aura is a modern metal band in the form of melodic tech/prog. They have virtuoso parts, they do the extreme metal parts, some melodic elements, extreme and melodic vocals, all within the context of prog. The band would be of interest for those extreme metal supporters looking for something different from the usual nonstop blasting sounds of brutality. This band is a bit exploratory, but they have a sense of melody, too. Listen to the music at first link below.
OFFICIAL: THE RITUAL AURA have gone from strength to strength and after putting out a couple of titillating songs under the guise of an EP earlier in the year, they have finally unleashed a magnificent and ambitious beast of an album. Unlike most other albums of this ilk, this one covers a lot more ground and yet remains very well balanced and conceptually delves into ancient Japanese folk horror. The are numerous songs but the album doesn't lose momentum and in fact exudes a wonderful mystical vibe and makes the affair more intriguing than it normally is. Tæther is a brilliant album and I daresay one of the best of its kind to be released in recent times.

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