Sunday, January 8, 2017

interview: Neravendetta, part 2

Francesco Carboni, the creative force behind the black metal act Neravendetta from the island of Sardinia located in the Mediterranean Sea, took time to explain the ideas and circumstances of the band.
Neravendetta is an extreme metal band from Italy. Years and years ago they had a self-titled demo (2009) and Metal Bulletin was in contact with them. Now, years later, they have an album called Magnum Chaos which accumulates their knowledge, skills and experience in black metal for a work of speed and melody, an album that devoted and diehard black metal supporters might find very interesting and may find themselves coming back to the album to get more and more of it. It's great news that Neravendetta has survived and written its name in the book of heavy metal with a full-length album. Listen to the complete album at the Bandcamp link below and find out more about this melodic black metal of the constellations of the time travel.
What do you think about life in Sardinia in general? How do you feel about the problems that we read that Europe has, like economic crisis, unemployment, the European Union, corruption in Italian politics, immigration and Islamist terrorism? I have read that Sardinia has some immigrants from Romania and also from Africa. Is this correct?
I really appreciate you looked up something about Sardinia. I’ll tell you how I live our present. It’s a personal opinion based on my own experience. We are an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. We are around half past million citizens; all my best friends left the Sardinia to find work in north of Italy or north of Europe. We have the sea around all the land, transport are difficult and expensive. You only can take a flight, the boat needs to much time.
We are isolated about good things but also about bad things. So, about immigrant people from Africa, they don’t come to Sardinia to stay here, because have not so much to offer to them. We have no work for them. They arrive here, but they want to go to the north of Italy or to other countries. Because of that, we don’t feel fear about an invasion because we are not living that. But here it starts a politician’s conversation and we don’t want to continue over this point. About work: Me and Marco started to work immediately after we took our master’s degrees. We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to stay here and to work in Sardinia with dignity.
How many languages do you, Francesco, speak? Do you speak Sardinian and Italian? Does your family speak Sardinian at home?
My grandmother speaks only Sardinian, my father speaks Italian with common people and Sardinian with people from his village. I speak only Italian, but I understand Sardinian. With these words I told you a story about the evolution of the language. Unfortunately, during 1950–1980 people started to prefer to speak in Italian and they left Sardinian language, they felt themselves more part of the Italy, I think. Of course this is bulls##, and I feel shame because in three generations I have lost the opportunity to speak the language of my ancients. And we Sardinian people like to underline that Sardinian is a language, as Italian or English, etc.
What do you like about life in Sardinia? How is the fishing there? How is the weather in Sardinia when it is cold and freezing in Northern Europe? Does Sardinia have excellent beaches? What about the food? What are your favorite foods in Sardinia?
Ahah! This question make me laugh and the answer will be not cvlt! Ahah! If you want to come here you will find the best beaches of the world, try to Google that. Some places are like Caraibi or Maldive, we are not like in black metal typical album covered with snow and frost, and we are common people. We enjoy the sea and sun. Weather is typically warm, we go to the beach from June to October, we can stay a lot outside. In my opinion, it’s a paradise to live. We have millenary history and food is excellent, we have different typical plates of the island, and my family always repeats the same food for traditional lunch or dinner. We eat young pig and young goat, roasted, we are similar to Vikings in this!
Finally, what would you like black metal fanatics to know about Neravendetta? How can metalheads support your band?
As you have seen, we put our album at Bandcamp at €1,00, but we put a message: write us to get a redeem code to get the full download for free. This is just because we would like simply to have some words with people, and get their personal comment or opinion, just to move some underground, just to create some feeling. For us, it’s difficult to spread the name of the band because we can do it only with Facebook, so we just ask to people interest in, to put the like in the Facebook page and to invite people who can be interested in listening Neravendetta, we just want to spread our music and to get a feedback. It’s only music from the bottom of our hearts. We made this album for ourself, just for that, but we found that share that work it’s a very good sensation.
We want to thanks all the people interested in us, and all the people who spend their time in listening music, maybe not perfect, or with great production music, but true.
Thanks for your time and support! We really appreciate it!
Grazie mille,

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