Friday, January 6, 2017

Dö – Tuho (review by Dee)

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It’s dark, stoner doom from Helsinki! Dö released Tuho this spring, but with its icy melodies and merciless riffs, this full-length is has the perfect vibe for these waning days of autumn and the dim winter days ahead. Meet the musicians: Deaf Hank handles bass and is the lead vocalist. Big Dog is on guitar and vocals. Joe E. Deliverance on drums as well as vocals. How the three piece musters this massive sound is beyond me. Follow the tracks on Tuho, and you’ll quickly understand what I mean:
“Born Under Black Wings” is pretty catchy, simple and refuses to be watered down from the perspective of its thick instrumentation. A cozy atmosphere is present to help you savor the moment. It’s here where we’re introduced to some unruly harsh vocals.
Charging rhythms invade “Everblast II (The Aftermath)” and they also become something more groovy; bits of melodic vocals float throughout this zone. We’re also treated to a mangy solo near the end, and boy is it wild and flavorful! The next track, “Ex Oblivione” is a furious piece that eventually meets up with “Kylmä,” which takes a slow walk through a standard sludgy-toned soundscape. This parts to reveal a whirlwind of guitars. What happens next shakes things up a bit: The acoustic entry of “Hail the Fire” rings with warmth and deep recollection. Not only does the song offer another way to do heavy music, but it gives a refreshing change of scenery. Our last stop is “Forsaken Be Thy Name,” leaving plenty of madness to go around as it ends around twelve minutes.
With Tuho I can tell Dö are on the right track. The amount of creativity exchanged between the guys results in an album with all kinds of extreme metal goodies. Atmospherically, stoner and sludge come to mind, while tempos make you think of doom. We get grade-A production. We get the bold riffs. We get the sweet, mucky tones. The important thing is that the songs stick with you, and that can be sensed just seconds into Tuho. Listen to it and let yourself get addicted.

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