Monday, December 5, 2016

Slutvomit (Washington state) issues statement

OFFICIAL: Opinions have been disseminated quickly by a bunch of people who weren't at the Claytanas memorial show, so it seems a statement is in order. Views on this third hand information have already been made concrete by those of you social justice obsessors, so this probably won't even matter, but here it is:
The issue of "racist things that were said" are due to one door guy, who had it out for us from the beginning. Even before any of the show had happened, there was a clear impatience. He threw a shit-fit about Crurifragium's use of severed lamb heads as a stage prop, and things only got uglier from there. During the raffle after the show, in which a Burzum tape was auctioned off as a prize, our singer said "Everyone's favorite white supremacist band, Burzum..." At this point, Door-guy came in and cut the PA, screaming like a toddler about how he "wouldn't allow that racist shit," and some other unintelligible shit amidst the booing crowd. Any of the hundred of attendees can attest to this point in the show, as it seems to be the main point of contention, which is confusing to say the least. After that he prodded us to get our shit off stage and get the fuck out. Understandable, as the show was running late, but completely unnecessary. Being fed up at that point, we brandished the lamb heads, as he involved the other bar owners in a confrontation outside. During this, Door-guy took the first swing at concert goer who was screaming at him, and a fight broke out. This lead to us delivering the lamb heads to the venue door, admittedly not helping the situation.
A big fucking middle finger to you hippie, PC, metal-safe-space, gossiping pieces of shit. Your need for drama in your lives is apparently too great, so have fun with your metal blogs, we don't fucking care. Facts have clearly never stopped you before. Those of you who have either written us or about us were not there, so continue believing what you want.

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