Friday, December 30, 2016

Kald Kriger (black metal from Bellingham, WA, U.S.)

Kald Kriger
A Season of Pagan Sorrow
release date: December 25th, 2016
label: independent
This is a new album of black metal from the city of Bellingham, which is located to the north of Seattle and Everett in the state of Washington. "Vredensdal" is the code name of the mastermind behind this project and he takes care of just about everything, from vocals to the recording phases and artwork components. According to Bandcamp, where you can hear the entire album now, only the drums were done by somebody else, namely, Lord Mortkin. The themes that the lyrics cover are: "the horrors of war, memoirs of death, the personal sorrows of a modern Norse pagan and taking revenge on the christian menace." As previously stated, this is a very new recording, so black metal supporters feel to free investigate and find out for yourself.
A Season of Pagan Sorrow:
1.Úlfhéðnar 06:38
2.The Doom of the Gods 04:38
3.Smite the Cross 09:34
4.Heaven Impaled 07:11
5.Let the Ravens Fly! 04:57
6.This Storm Travels North 07:30
7.A Season of Pagan Sorrow 07:04
total time 47:32
Dark Fields EP 2016
Heaven Impaled Single 2016
A Season of Pagan Sorrow full-length 2016

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