Wednesday, December 7, 2016


by MMB
Jenner (Serbia) is a thrash band that began in 2013 covering the classic and legendary anthems of Dio, Judas Priest, WASP, Saxon, Grim Reaper, Doro, Diamond Head and others. They honed their skills on these big riffs and the sounds of headbanging heavy metal. They played their hearts out, and they wanted more metal, always more metal, and before you know it, something was happening. The chops got better and more adept, sharper and faster, and soon they were bringing up the speed and intensity in the form of covers of prime time Exodus, mid 80s Anthrax and mid 80s Overkill, and other similar names of the classic times. The metal was becoming more direct and more intense and the band was on the verge of stepping out on its own and bringing out something that went beyond tributes to the golden past. The time for Jenner music had arrived and in 2015 the demo saw the light of day. It was time to find out if they had the goods. "On the Judgement Day" showed a passion for high velocity thrash riffing and immediate results geared towards conquering the metal hearts in one fell swoop. It sounded tight, compact and made to start mosh pits. The guitar solo in the song shows that they have studied the art of doing a good solo like those found in the mid 80s classic thrash albums; solos that are part of the song; speed and melody rolled into one. The song "Hear the Thunder Roar" is a one-way ticket to wreck your neck city, packed with a guitar solo that is a bright spot of the song. The band's vocal style is fast enunciation as is the usual in thrash, but there is a certain melodic streak in the vocals that fits the sound well, including some segments that are a bit more like singing. No doubt, we hearing hints of where the future will be. Therefore, what is the next step for Jenner now? They say that they have an album coming up and it will be called To Live Is Suffer. In anticipation of the new album, why not starting looking into this band now?!

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