Thursday, November 3, 2016

Shrine of the Serpent

Wouldn’t you know it, it looks like this humongous beast of death doom will be coming to Everett this Friday, November 4th, 2016! The show is: Shrine of the Serpent, Buttafuko and Dilapidation at Tony V’s. It looks like they are from the city of Portland, Oregon, U.S. Metal Archives says that they have only one recording so far, the self-titled 29-minute three-song work from 2015. Metal Archives says they used to be called Tenspeed Warlock, and on Bandcamp it says the band consists of people from Aldebaran/ Tenspeed Warlock, Uzala and Lung Molde. All are bands that I do not know, unfortunately.
This music moves at a crawling speed and it pretty much stays that way throughout. The vocals are growled in a slow-death-metal style, while the guitars are set to be as heavy as possible. The slow, plodding music takes time to build because the combination of the heaviness and the slow melodies work together in terms of timing and spacing in long song structures. It might take a couple of listens to get a better feel for the vibe: come for the heaviness, stay for the vibe. Patience is important here; this is not instant-gratification music. Plus, this recording is technically an EP, but it’s a long one, so you’ll want to sit down and take your time with it.
Those lucky enough to witness it live get the full experience: let’s find out how it all sounds when your body is not just hearing the music but feeling it, too. I’m hoping to find out for myself this Friday!
by MMB

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