Thursday, November 24, 2016

Obscure Oracle

Are you up for some thrash from Texas, U.S. today? Obscure Oracle has two recordings so far: Roots of Existence from 2013 and In Death We Trust from 2015. Listen to the 2015 title in full at the link below. Find out more about the band at the official information included here, too.
OFFICIAL: The sound of Obscure Oracle is a one of a kind sound from brutal vocals to haunting clean vocals, it’s a full on attack on the brain to try and figure out where the song goes next and each song is very different. Songs range from a very progressive sound to full on black metal and everything in between. The band was formed by friends getting to together and using all of our many influences, styles and just having fun doing what we love, jamming together.
The concept of Obscure Oracle was formed years ago in the mind of Danny David and has now become a reality. Forming Obscure Oracle was a challenge in the beginning by finding the right members to understand the complex guitar riffs. Obscure Oracle was officially formed in the summer of 2011, but before this came together, the riffs came in bits and pieces in recent years.
Guitarist, Danny David, former member and song writer of Demonstruction, guitarist for Death Rites 666 and Escaping the Flesh created the originality of Obscure Oracle. He combined his influences of different genres of music; including "progressive metal", "black metal”,"old school thrash punk" and a twist of "death metal" to create this music style.
Vocalist, Rusty Bartholomeo, was called upon as lead vocalist and to write the lyrical content; having worked with Danny David previously in Escaping the Flesh, both were influenced by similar musical styles and views which helped form Obscure Oracle's unique sound.
Obscure Oracle is on a path of no return and on a mission to see the world in the years to come. Our passion speaks through the music itself through a dynamic view of one self at life. Our intention is to open the minds of individuals to see the world through our eyes as we conjure the musical influences that drive this band to pursue the meaning and purpose of our existence.

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