Saturday, November 26, 2016

Obscene Gesture

If you are up for the challenge of the most supreme fury anger ire of crossover thrash named Obscene Gesture (U.S.), then c'mon up, get on this thing, gamblers, because this band is one of the angriest metal punks that you will hear today, all day, any day, wheneverday. The man leading the charge is Guy Green (RIP 2016) who shouts and screams about what he does not like about the world, and he does not like a lot of it. This band is now over because the leader is dead, but the music sounds as it always did: the living incarnation of frustration with no amelioration in sight.
Listen to the music at the first link below. By the way, there are videos this band on YouTube and the videos feature clips and bits and zips of highly violent scenes of humans being animals to each other, so check those out if you want to be disturbed a lot. The scenes are episodes of human violence. It's basically a way to embarrass the humans by showing them what they are really like at times. Don't watch those videos just before you go to bed because you won't be able to sleep.

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