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Nightwalkers is a metal band from Panama, Central America. It appears that they have making the rounds in their country. If you would to hear a bit of the music, two songs, go the first link given below and learn more about them. Send them a message and tell them to post more of their music!!
OFFICIAL: Nightwalkers is a Panamanian Thrash / Heavy Metal band created in 2010. Nightwalkers takes ideas from old school by reforming it with a heavy, fast, concrete, melodic sound. Founded by Carlos Shedden and its co-founder, Vladimir Pardales.
History and most relevant presentations: They both took on the task of studying their instruments for a year and then looking for the lineup they needed to start the band and experimenting with musicians. Within these sections, violins, keyboards and guitars were recorded backwards. At the beginning of 2011, Josué Olivero joined the group as a drummer. The musical connection was immediate, but they still needed to find the bass frequencies of the band. During months of rehearsal and composing music composed in summer of 2011. The band tried to work with numerous bassists but none fit with the style that Nightwalkers was elaborating for those days. Until they found Pedro Contreras being the first official bass player of the group.
The band would have its official debut on the streets of Panama on December 17, 2011, in the old bar La Casona, located in the Old Town, the public was surprised that the band performed well the Metal at a young age. After months of several touches in collaboration with other bands, gaining valuable public, Josué Olivero leaves the band in nov. 2012 by musical differences. In December. 2012 are presented in the Christmas parade in a segment called "Christmas Rock" working with Magic Dreams, and the Mayor of Panama along with the collaboration of Conrad Clarke and Kevin Moreno (Drum) session musicians. The band adapted Christmas songs to Rock Heavy and playing emblematic themes of the group as "My Victory" "Across the Fire" "Heroes Of Justice". At the beginning of 2013, as the band did not have a fixed drummer yet and the agenda of presentations continued, the group made the decision to work with more session drummers until getting a fixed one. One can emphasize the presentation of the band in the second A 6 Electric Strings in the Yuyin Luzcando, in which they shared platform with many chants authors of the stature of Luis de la Rosa, Aniel Mejia, Metheora and Yek Gamboa and the missing band of Rock in Spanish, Saints and Demons.
In March 2013, they audition for new drummer and the decision falls positively for Johann Tempest, a conservatory percussionist entering his first steps in Heavy Rock and making his debut in April. Shortly after his entrance to the band, Pedro Contreras leaves the band for university reasons and again the group is without bass. Fortunately this period did not last long, since at the recommendation of Johann, Orlando Cigarruista enters Nightwalkers, being the most stable lineup to date. They participated in the last contest Hard Rock Café in Spanish, in which they had an excellent participation. In August 2013, they were interviewed by TVN Al Descubierto, Tharyn Jimenez, in which they impacted with their social and interpersonal themes and left their desires to arise at national level and transcend borders, which is one of the goals Of this grouping. They performed the Tribute to Iron Maiden 1.0 at the Pavo Real Restaurant along with invited musicians from other groups. This event had a great reception among the audience that could enjoy and chant each of the songs of the mythical band. In October 2013 begins the project to record his first EP with the support of Rompiendo Bocinas and Vélez Record, a process that lasted several months because the band took the time to find the sound they were looking for and obtaining better equipment to record.
In March of 2014, they appear next to Head of Hammer in Hangar 18, in which the public was enchanted with the presentation of both bands. Being honored by Eric Pinzón in his comments to have been able to share with excellent young musicians and their future success. Even people from the audience claimed to see "Hammerhead in its infancy." The band has appeared several times in the interior of the country, in which we can highlight their concert in the Billar Ken, La Chorrera. Thanks to the impact of the good comments of the tribute to Iron Maiden 1.0, Nightwalkers again of the hand of other musicians realize the Tribute to Iron Maiden 2.0 this time in Hangar 18, which was a full one. On May 30 Nightwalkers returned to share stage with Hammerhead and with the return of the band Deathless in Hangar 18. In September 2014 they were part of the second round of the second contest Istmo Rock 2014. In October 2014, the band made a media tour of Panama's key rock radio stations, promoting themselves as a band and announcing that they would release the album in November. Some of these radios were "Radio Metropolis" in the Voltaje 3 program and "Radio Mix" in the Brutal Volume program.
November 22, 2014 they released their first independent album entitled "Path To Reality" EP, an event completely organized by the band in Hangar 18. The event included numerous national rock media such as Rock Flag, Rock Press, La Critica and sponsored by Grecha -Accesorios, Alfaro Company, Plug n Play Test Rooms, PTY Culture and many more. The band took a break to compose new songs and work on their next material. In February 2015 they presented in the first RockFest 2015 of Gaitán Bros and Odebrecht leaving in high a great participation of the Panamanian Metal. They formed part of the bands called for the ExpoTattoo 2015. Stage in which RPG, Os Almirantes, Hammerhead and several others were presented. In May 2015 they were invited by the radio program "Los 40 Principales" to talk a bit about the band and promote the single from the EP Album "Face Your Fears". Thanks to this, in the ears of this radio were invited to realize a media tour by all Mexico D.F, making that the music of the band was heard in Mexican and Costa Rican soil. In July 2015 the band recorded their first audiovisual material titled "Nightwalkers, Bunker Jam Sessions" a DVD that will be released soon, in which the band interprets unpublished tracks to the disc EP. This DVD has no official release date yet. Two DVD tracks can be played for free on Youtube. After a 2015 full of concerts in collaboration with other Panamanian groups like 2 TON YAKAMA, Valkeryon, Elgebar, Votraster and Sonor Storm, the band decides to enter the studio to work on perfecting their sound. On September 11, the band published an official communiqué announcing their first tour around Panama, a tour that begins in October and ends in December.

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