Tuesday, November 22, 2016

NEWS: Verminlord statement

The Washington state black metal solo project Verminlord, which in 2016 has issued to two recordings: Verminlord and Anguish, has posted a statement to explain more the "atmospheric depressive black metal with blackened hymns from the darkness" music. Both recordings are in the category of "name your price" at Bandcamp and they are also available for listening there. People that support black metal solo projects might be interested in this music.
OFFICIAL: Vermin Lord is a Seattle-based solo black metal project mixing gloomy atmospheric guitars with pungent throat screeching and driving blackened riffs over crushing drums.
After seeing a particularly bad performance of black metal, life-long black metal enthusiast, Vermin Lord (Teo Acosta) decided it was time to crawl out of the Cascadian darkness into the bleak morning light. He intends to spread his own personal plague of wizard knowledge, evil guitars and acceptance.
Vermin Lord is an exploration of depression, rage, and anxiety. Sifting through the ashes of each song you will find personal loss, frustration with society, and life-long depression. Often the songs are written & recorded during times of despair or fury. Imperfections are intentionally left in final production to further illustrate the emotional state when each song was written. Nothing in life is clean, nothing in life is perfect.
While the lyrical content and guitar-work paint a dark vision of evil wizards, demonology, and vile knowledge. Vermin Lord is vehemently anti-NSBM/neo-nazi/white supremacy or any form of hate/discrimination.
Hatred is a weak emotion for weak mortals.

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