Sunday, November 20, 2016

NEWS: the debut Steel Inferno album out now

Steel Inferno is a traditional-minded metal band based in Denmark. They have been making the rounds for several years, but now in 2016 they have their debut ready to run. The title of the debut work is Aesthetics of Decay and it represents the general mentality of the band: heavy metal and speed metal. The album is available from the equally traditional-minded and totally anti-trend stubborn Infernö Records. This pairing means that Steel Inferno gives the metal conservative audiences what they want: metal music played with riffs and with a complete belief in what you are doing, flying the flag against the forces of the changing winds. You get what you came for: metal music made by fanatics who formed a band. The band is: Karen (iron infernal vocals); Lars (iron infernal guitars); Thierry (iron infernal bass); Jens (iron infernal guitar); Krzysztof (iron infernal drums). Listen to a song below.
track list:
1.Aesthetics of Decay 05:43
2.City Lights 03:12
3.Defender of the Old Way 03:45
4.The Civil Serpent 03:30
5.Merciful Slayer 05:18
6.Infernal Steel Brigade 03:17
7.Dismanting Fixed Positions 03:29
8.Flashing Reality 03:21
9.Magic Sword 04:26
10....of Desire & Woe 04:20
11.To End All Wars 03:56
total time 44:17

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