Sunday, November 20, 2016

NEWS: the new 2016 Fornicus album available for listening now

The black metal steelmakers Fornicus (Kentucky, U.S.) have been working their craft for a few years now. They have a demo from 2014 and their debut Storming Heaven is also from 2014, which was followed up by an EP in 2015. In this short time one thing had become rather obvious: Fornicus was serious business. Not only were they a promising band, they were already stacking up their credentials and reputation, proving that they were not a flash in the pan that would be lost and forgotten in a couple of years. People say that every band has a good song in them. The real question is: Can a band continue to make quality music? In 2016 Fornicus has answered the call big time. If you want black metal, real black metal, turn your spikes in the direction of Fornicus and keep your sights locked on them because things are getting good and they just got even better. By the way, this is not a demo or a garage recording. It's a real album by a band playing their hearts out with conviction. They can win you over if you give them a chance. Furthermore, even if you are pessimistic about black metal and its abundance of tree-hugging, keyboard-loving, depression-focused or its "post-rock" tendencies or even the alternative-music emo vibes that seem to be coming from certain bands, especially in the U.S.--give Fornicus a chance if you are seeking headbanging metal, riffs, guitar solos and intense music. Listen to the complete album at the link below.
OFFICIAL: Birthed in the heart of America's bible belt in late 2012, Fornicus was conceived to cast darkness over the ignorant masses and their foolish dogmas. Blending qualities of black, thrash, and even a taste of death the band creates a vicious aural assault that will quench the listener’s thirst for all things metal. Throughout the first year of the band's existence the songs that would become their debut album were meticulously crafted by members Scott, Chris, and David and eventually were completed with the addition of Kelly at the beginning of 2014. The tracking began shortly thereafter in Scott's own Velocity Studios for the album that is now known as "Storming Heaven," a bold statement chastising Christ and his blind sheep for their "righteous" ways with the ultimate goal of destroying God's Kingdom. With live rituals now beginning and the album's release, the force that is Fornicus will strengthen to take its place as one of Kentucky's premier practitioners of metal.
OFFICIAL: Straight up! Anyone looking for keyboards, clean singing, or experimentation of any sort should look elsewhere. FORNICUS's "Hymns Of Dominion" is a malevolent assault with commanding harsh vocals, clear and right up front, while parts of varying tempos careen into each other, with blasts and thrash beats assaulting the listener in a never-ending wave. The occasional lurching slow part only serves to heighten the atmosphere, completing the smear of ugliness.

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