Thursday, November 10, 2016

new music from Flidais

Below is a link to a new song by Flidais, a melodic metal band from Canada. They have a new recording that will be available on December 2, 2016. This is an unsigned band that might appeal to those searching for new blood in the realm of melodic metal. If you are interested, here is a bit more information about them.
OFFICIAL: Galloping power metal will never die! The band Flidais (pronounced "FLUH""DYE", "ISS") from Ontario, Canada, is testament to that. Comprised of Calvin Warren on bass/vocals, Josh Tredenick and Jordan Litt on guitars, and Chris Darmanin on drums, Flidais, plays power metal with a progressive touch, often seamlessly transitioning through song segments with deft ease and execution, all while the powerful vocal performance scales impressive heights.
Their full-length album, Kazador, which will be released on the 2nd of December 2016, is a fusion of throwback styles and modern production that will greatly please fans of progressive power metal worldwide. In fact, they have already made notable appearances with other bands such as Anvil, Vesperia, and Skullfist.
Available in CD and digital, the album was recorded by Michael "Musashi" Marucci at Sonic Zen Studios in London, Ontario, Canada, Kazador can be expected to raise the banner high for power metal this year and beyond. The vocals soaring, the riffs imprinting themselves in memory, the bass and drums combining to form a burgeoning rhythm section, Flidais impressively feature precision and good songwriting chops for a young band. Metal that is unique and refreshing, Kazador presents as a die-hard throwback metal fan's dream realized. Kazador will not disappoint fans of this musical style, and fans who've forgotten the throwback sounds of bands like Iron Maiden will also like the influences that have seeped into Flidais' sound.
Currently a three-piece featuring original members Calvin Warren, and Josh Tredenick, with newcomer Ryley Swatman on drums, the band is booked to play shows to promote the release of Kazador, so check out this promising entry into the world of modern metal.

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