Friday, November 25, 2016

Last Shout

Last Shout (Angola) describes itself as a "groove metal band with brutal death metal and deathcore influences." They say that their influences are: Devildriver/ Arch enemy/ Lamb of God/ Gojira/ Cannibal Corpse/ Chimaria/ All shall perish/ Carnifex/ Gorod/Suicide Silence/Attila/All That Remains. The band seems to be coming along nicely in their niche of younger-generation current metal sound. They have some evidence of the rocking that they have been doing, as you can see below. They have some bits of videos posted online at their Facebook. However, they do not seem to have full songs posted yet. Get in contact with them and bother them to do it so that we can hear where they are going with their sound! If you are interested in the sounds of the younger bands in Angola, check them out.

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