Thursday, November 10, 2016

KRATORNAS new music

If hatred, evil, blasphemy, vengeance, violence and total negativity is what you are, then here is your soulmate: hate and blasphemy is at the center of the KRATORNAS black metal music. KRATORNAS, apparently, has origins that date back to 1991. Below you can hear a new song that exemplifies the speed and fugly nature of KRATORNAS.
OFFICIAL: Recommended if you like: Usurper, Aura Noir, Sodom. Black/Grind purveyors KRATORNAS return with their new album Devoured by Damnation which will be released on December 2nd 2016 via Grathila Records. This album features 10 pulverizing high octane tracks meant for fans of brutal Black Metal and Grindcore combined! About Kratornas: Kratornas started in 1995, as a solo project of Zachariah. The active years occurred between 1995 to 2010, and it was also in 2010 where it was put on hiatus. After many travels (2011) in search of the right geographic location, Zachariah decided on settling in Saskatchewan, Canada, where he decided to bring back Kratornas and release its third album. After hiring a drummer to replace the old drum machine that was used for prior projects, Kratornas began breathing new life. Zachariah is quick to note that he intends to use human drummer(s) only for all future releases.
KRATORNAS - Dead Burning Christ

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