Wednesday, November 2, 2016

FREE extreme metal album: Raised by Owls

Raised by Owls
The Great British Grind Off
release date: October 12th, 2016
label: independent
This desert junkyard chaingang of blackjack mavericks was built for speed and then some. Comprised of 24 tracks in 45 minutes, this free recording is a tourist guide into their campaign to let the world know about the elegance of British manners and culture in the form of a shriek-obsessed blasting racket. They rattle off a major offensive to make Britain Great again with a jackhammer pounding of hit after hit to celebrate everything majestic about Britain, the land of the rising sun. You won't be able to contain your enthusiasm when you hear the royalty of "Have You Seen This Weather We're Having?," "Harry Potter and the Curse of the Student Loan," "Scary Spice Has a Gangrenous Arm," and of course, "Ov Fish & the Chips"! How can a band claim to represent Britain if they don't have a song called, "David Cameron's Favourite Band Is Pig Destroyer"? What a delightful feast! But wait, there's more, lots of more! For the price of free, you will also get the song that is taking the U.K. by storm, "A Lovely Cup of Tea." Friends, this is what you have been waiting for. They have songs about everything U.K. Naturally, they have songs about London, their beloved little village that so many Brits have dubbed "The Big Apple," due to the abundance of apples there. If this album does not make you want to travel to Britain, then there is no hope for you. If you already are British, congratulations!, you have won the lottery! Make sure to spend some time getting to know your cities, mountains, coasts, goats, moats and the lovely beaches of the North Sea in winter and their legendary Caribbean-like weather. Raised by Owls is a British national treasure and they know it. They want you to know it, too.

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