Friday, November 25, 2016

Before Crush

Before Crush (Angola) is a metalcore band whose origins go back to 2006. Below you will find some basic information about the band and a video from them. They seem to have played in some music festivals in Angola, as you can tell from the picture below from their Facebook. Be sure to go to their Facebook page if you would be interested in learning more about the band. In the meantime, get started with this information.
OFFICIAL: Before Crush, formerly Nightmare Today, is a group formed in 2006 in Lobito by vocalist and guitarist Ladino, former bassist Nivaldo Spacum, former drummer Teclista Hernany Mutante Lv10, former guitarist Télio Crosshinder, adopting the alternative style Punk later MetalCore. The idea Nightmare Today appeared spontaneously among the members who already looked for an impact name and remarkable due to the style that the band practices today. It went ahead with the idea of ​​having a band with only a guitar, keyboard (Yamaha) and a bass (Pearl River) and the band goes into rehearsals in a 4 month season. From March to July the band continued to rehearse and give small concerts in backyards and terraces like ALFA and Zulo (Restinga). In August of 2007 the band prepares a casting to integrate more elements Solo Guitarist and Base Guitarist due to the absence in the rehearsals of its old guitarist soon after the band officiates the entrance of 3 more elements: Costinha "nha" Back Vocals, Daniel "Bodão" Guitarist, and Menick guitarist. In September of 2007 the band participates in the first concert outside the city Lobito, this happened in the city of Benguela. He played alongside Velatorios, Phantom Pain ex: Slave and Invocation, performing as punk band Nightmare Today and conquering the night with the sounds: Fugir, Souvenirs and Changes. Soon after, the band enters recording of 2 first singles "Eterna Luz" and "Regressar" that appeared as one of the most requested songs and known in their style in the provinces of Benguela, Luanda and Huambo. On March 29, 2008 the band presented the two Singles and more live songs allusive to the band's first anniversary with the Concerto Liga al te ao Rock.
Before Crush - A bruxa

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