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NEWS: live Leather Leone/Chastain/CJSS videos

OFFICIAL: David T. Chastain and Leather Leone performed live together for the first time in over 25 years on October 8th at Bogart's in Cincinnati, Ohio. This special performance was shot on video along with the CJSS 'Last Show on Planet Earth 2' concert. David says, "We are posting these videos so the fans around the world who couldn't make the show will have access to them for free and before they get bootlegged. We made sure to include CHASTAIN favorites such as "Ruler of the Wasteland," "Angel of Mercy" and "For Those Who Dare" as well as CJSS fan favorites "World Gone Mad" and "Metal Forever." This was just a 4 camera video shoot and the audio is basically a direct off the soundboard mix. Due to a scheduling conflict we were only able to rehearse with Leather one night before the show so there are a few mistakes here and there. However all things considered it is a good portrayal of the show. We just felt it was important to document this event."
CJSS biography: CJSS was formed by guitar wizard David T. Chastain during early 1984 with two other members of the band Spike, drummer Les Sharp and bassist Mike Skimmerhorn, and vocalist Russell Jinkens who had gained fame for his stint in local Cincinnati cover band Prizoner.
Spike had recorded and released the album 'The Price of Pleasure' in 1983. Spike toured the United States with many acts, the most well known being Black Sabbath. David was not satisfied with the commercial slant of Spike's material and was at constant odds with the band's management and booking agency whom had been trying to push the band in a even more commercial direction. In order to play the music they loved the four musicians decided to form the band CJSS.
The band's first show was October 4, 1984 at Bogarts. The club's management had expected a week night crowd of only a few hundred but were pleasantly surprised when well over a thousand fans showed up. This was just the beginning as CJSS regularly appeared at the Cincinnati venue drawing huge throngs throughout the 80's. Even to this day the band still holds all attendance records at the club. The largest being November 15, 1986 with a crowd of 1452 paid and more turned away at the door.
In the summer of 1985 the band went into the studio and recorded the album 'World Gone Mad.' This album was released in January 1986 and was received very favorably worldwide. This album included some of the band's classic cuts such as; 'Hell On Earth' 'World Gone Mad' 'Destiny' and the band's contemporary version of the Zeppelin classic Communication Breakdown.
After doing a short tour of the US the group went into the studio in the summer of 1986 and recorded the bands pinnacle release 'Praise the Loud.' The album was released in October 1986 to intense worldwide acclaim. The track 'Metal Forever' became a rallying cry for metal fans. The praise lavished upon the band was universal. CJSS had released two classic metal albums in the less than one year. A feat unmatched in metaldom.
It is safe to say that when musical historians look back at the metal era 'World Gone Mad' and 'Praise the Loud' will be considered metal classics.
To view the latest LEATHER LEONE/CHASTAIN live videos go direct to one of the DTC Facebook pages at: Live Leather Leone/Chastain Videos
To view the latest CJSS live videos go direct to the band's Facebook page at: Live CJSS Videos
Or you can go to the new Leviathan Records Youtube page to view the highlights of the show and other label related videos: Leviathan Records Worldwide Youtube Channel

NEWS: new songs by industrial metallers INVERTIA

OFFICIAL: New England Industrial Metal Duo INVERTIA will release The Biddings of Tyrants on December 9. Following 2014's sophomore tour de force Another Scheme of the Wicked (Ohm Resistance), the new self-release sees INVERTIA taking its oppressive industrial metal to harsh new heights. The Biddings of Tyrants still retains the INVERTIA sound of industrial black metal with added elements of death metal and hardcore punk. The album as a whole, musically and lyrically, focuses on the world around us and its effect on the human psyche. However, each song is a different Bidding from a different Tyrant. Produced by INVERTIA, The Biddings of Tyrants again features the multi-talented tandem of Dave Coppola (vocals, guitars, bass, FX, samples) and Tim Winson (drum programming, synth, mixing/mastering). The album also features the drumming of Aaron Rossi (MINISTRY, PRONG) and Kevin Talley (SUFFOCATION, DYING FETUS, SIX FEET UNDER); the former performing on "Dystopiate," "Non-Sunni," and "The Forever Incision," and the latter on "Scatter" and "Not for Taste." INVERTIA is influenced by many styles of music and many artists, including MINISTRY, ABORYM, MAYHEM, IMMORTAL, GODFLESH, and SKINNY PUPPY, as well as WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS and GEORGE CARLIN.
INVERTIA - "Dystopiate"

Seattle & Washington concert calendar, updated November 30, 2016

If you have information about shows/updates/cancellations, please get in contact with Metal Bulletin Zine.
December 1 Lord of War at Funhouse, Seattle, WA
December 2 Ghoul, others at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
December 7 Diskord at Foundation Nightclub, Seattle, WA
December 9 Dokken at ShoWare Center, Kent, WA
December 9 Macabre, Witchaven, Xoth, Inquinok, MRSA, Weaponlord at Highline, Seattle
December 10 Blood And Thunder, Chronological Injustice, A Flourishing Scourge, Children of Seraph at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
December 13 In Flames at Showbox SoDo, Seattle, WA
December 15 The Devils Of Loudun, A God or an Other, East Sherman at Highline, Seattle, WA
December 16 Vesuvian at Funhouse, Seattle, WA
December 17 Devastation in December 5th Annual: Dilapidation, others at The Charleston, Bremerton, WA
December 17 Abigail Williams at Obsidian, Olympia, WA
December 19 Yob at Neumo's, Seattle, WA
December 20 Wilt, Void Omnia, Addaura, Isenordal, Huldrekall at Highline, Seattle, WA
December 21 Void Omnia at Obsidian, Olympia, WA
December 30 Generation Decline, Oxygen Destroyer, Darkmysticwoods, Truth Decay at The Charleston, Bremerton, WA
December 31 3pm Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Key Arena, Seattle, WA
December 31 9pm Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Key Arena, Seattle, WA
January 5 Hissing, Bone Sickness at Obsidian, Olympia, WA
January 10 Ascended Dead, Grave Ritual, Hexenslaught, Fetid at Highline, Seattle, WA
January 18 Udo Dirkschneider "Back To The Roots - Farewell To Accept" at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
January 19 Ash Borer, Bell Witch, Hissing at Highline, Seattle, WA
January 21 Entombed AD, Full of Hell, Turbid North, Deathraid at Highline, Seattle, WA
January 27 Queensryche at Snoqualmie Casino, Snoqualmie, WA
January 27 Drawn and Quartered, Sakrificer, Raptor, Oxygen Destroyer at Highline, Seattle, WA
January 28 Blue Öyster Cult at Historic Everett Theatre, Everett, WA
February 2 Mayhem, Inquisition, Black Anvil at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
February 4 Lordi at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
February 22 Nile, Overkill at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
April 4 Amorphis, Swallow the Sun at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
April 28 D.R.I. at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
April 29 Asphyx, Extremity at Highline, Seattle, WA
May 6 HammerFall, Delain at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
May 8 Sabaton at El Corazón, Seattle, WA
May 18 Y & T at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
May 20 Evergrey, Seven Kingdoms, Ascendia, Need at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA

NEWS: Goatwhore begins co-headlining tour with Crowbar

This tour is underway now. See below for more details.
OFFICIAL: New Orleans' most toured metal unit GOATWHORE will kick off their final live takeover of the year with hometown comrades, Crowbar, tonight November 30th. The co-headlining trek will begin in Pensacola, Florida and run through December 14th in Macon, Georgia. Support will be provided by Lillake. From there, GOATWHORE will play three more headlining shows in Florida in Winter Park, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa respectively before heading home for the holidays. The band's latest excursions follows their recent US mini tour with The Blood Royale which included a pulverizing performance at Ozzfest in San Bernardino, California.
GOATWHORE w/ Crowbar, Lillake:
11/30/2016 Vinyl Music Hall - Pensacola, FL
12/01/2016 Riverside Warehouse - Shreveport, LA
12/02/2016 Rev Room - Little Rock, AR
12/03/2016 The Shrine - Tulsa, OK
12/04/2016 Fubar - St Louis, MO
12/05/2016 5th Quarter - Indianapolis, IN
12/06/2016 The Hub - Ft Wayne, IN
12/07/2016 123 Pleasant Street - Morgantown, WV
12/08/2016 The Golden Pony - Harrisonburg, VA
12/09/2016 Broadberry - Richmond, VA
12/10/2016 Motorco Music Hall - Durham, NC
12/11/2016 Capone's - Johnson City, TN
12/12/2016 Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
12/13/2016 The Jinx 912 - Savannah, GA
12/14/2016 Macon Venue Project - Macon, GA
12/15/2016 Haven Lounge - Winter Park, FL **
12/16/2016 Kreepy Tiki Tattoos & Boutique - Fort Lauderdale, FL **
12/17/2016 The Orpheum - Tampa, FL **
GOATWHORE recently completed tracking the follow-to their globally adored Constricting Rage Of The Merciless full-length at Earth Analog recording studio near Champaign, Illinois. Further details to be unveiled in the coming weeks.
Issued in 2014 via Metal Blade Records, Constricting Rage Of The Merciless debuted at #81 on Billboard's Top 200 chart, topping their last entry position of #171 with Blood For The Master. Crowned their most "varied record to date, as well as their strongest," by Pitchfork and, "unrelentingly pummeling and brutally oppressive," by PopMatters, Constricting... also hit the #21 spot on Billboard's Rock chart, #7 on the Hard Rock chart, and #13 on the Independent chart.

NEWS: So This Is Suffering: U.S. core band to release Palace Of The Pessimist album; new video now

So This Is Suffering is a core band from the U.S. They have a new album coming up and a video available now.
OFFICIAL: California technical death metal unit and recent Unique Leader signees SO THIS IS SUFFERING will release their new full-length Palace Of The Pessimist next year. Set for a February 24th unveiling, the ten-track offering was captured at Interlace Audio and features artwork by Chris Panatier (Dopelord, Totem Skim). "We're excited to be working with one of the top leading labels in extreme music," offers the band in a collective statement. "It's been a long journey and we want to thank our fans, friends, and family for their endless support along the way. This album is everything we all wanted, bone crushing and in-your-face with obese breakdowns, finger-licking riffs, and a bit of melodies for some soft listening. We can't wait for you all to hear it. It's an exciting time for us and the future of SO THIS IS SUFFERING!"
Palace Of The Pessimist track listing:
1. Sleeper Hold
2. Lecherous
3. Xenomorphic
4. Palace
5. Columbine
6. Surveil
7. Muerte Bella
8. Portraits Of Fixation
9. Dreameater
10. The Sum Of All Fears
SO THIS IS SUFFERING is a post-deathcore outfit founded by Zedadiah Martinez and Zechariah Gamez in 2006. The band later solidified its lineup with longtime friends Rudy Florez, Robert Brown, and James Williams. Having self-released three albums and relentlessly performed across the United States multiple times, they've earned a name as one of the heaviest and hardest-working currently active DIY bands. By melding emotionally driven lyrics with a sound influenced by a broad spectrum of musical tastes, the members plan to leave their mark on extreme music.
So This Is Suffering-Dreameater(OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Read online or download it: METAL BULLETIN #109
Analogy (El Salvador) Gorgosaur (Sweden) Hessian Wolf Children (U.S.) Old Scratch (U.S.) Thou Shall Kill (Seattle)

Swedish Black/Death Vets OMNIZIDE Releasing 'NekroRegime" in December

OFFICIAL:Swedish Black/Death Metal veterans OMNIZIDE will release their sophomore album NekroRegime December 16 on Carnal Records in Europe and Daemon Worship Productions in the U.S. Featuring vocals by Nox (CRAFT) and music written by Anders/AE (AVSKY), NekroRegime consists of nine tracks of pure War! Stream the title track below.
NekroRegime was recorded and mixed by Erik Hagelberg at DeathWomb Studio in the winter of 2015/2016. The album was mastered by Jona Kjellgren at Blacklounge Studio.
Decibel Magazine nailed it in describing OMNIZIDE's sound as "old-school DARKTHRONE, and falls somewhere between the nexus of death metal and physically imposing Swedish black metal, bands such as NAGLFAR and WATAIN." Get the picture? Now prepare for War!
Track Listing:
1. Himmelstrasse (330ft)
2. The Return of the Loving Dead
3. Walls of Flesh
4. Doomsday Revelations
5. Deathwomb
6. NekroRegime
7. Nekromantic
8. Shockwaves
9. Devil in Me
Omnizide - 'NekroRegime" (Carnal Records / Daemon Worship Productios)

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS To Kick Off North American Tour With Wolvhammer And Amiensus

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS will kick off an East Coast headlining tour with Wolvhammer and Amiensus later this week to close out the year. Set to begin November 30th in Somerville, Massachusetts and close on December 17th in Olympia, Washington, the band will level a total of fifteen venues. The band's latest jaunt follows ABIGAIL WILLIAMS' brutal, month-long North American tour with Belphegor, Origin, and Shining this past Summer, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS has been diligently plotting new material for the follow-up to their critically lauded, 2015-issued The Accuser full-length. The as-yet-untitled long player will be released sometime next year with full details to be unveiled in the coming months.
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS w/ Wolvhammer, Amiensus:
11/30/2016 ONCE - Somerville, MA
12/02/2016 Katakombes - Montreal, QC
12/03/2016 Gotham Brothers - Syracuse, NY
12/04/2016 Jewel - Manchester, NH
12/05/2016 Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn, NY
12/06/2016 Dingbatz - Clifton, NJ
12/07/2016 Cafe 611 - Frederick, MD
12/08/2016 The Smiling Moose - Pittsburgh, PA
12/09/2016 Hank's Pub - Dayton, OH
12/10/2016 Reggie's - Chicago, IL
12/11/2016 Riot Room - Kansas City, MO ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, Wolvhammer only
12/13/2016 Traliside Caloon - Denver, CO **
12/15/2016 Highline - Seattle, WA **
12/16/2016 Media Club - Vancouver, BC **
12/17/2016 Obsidian - Olympia, WA **
ABIGAIL WILLIAMS' The Accuser was released October 2-15 via Candlelight Records. Captured in just five days at founding vocalist/guitarist Ken Sorceron (ex-Lord Mantis)'s home studio in Olympia, Washington, the eight-track offering is fittingly bleak, dark, nihilistic, and infinitely engrossing and features a guest appearance by Neill Jameson (Krieg, Twilight) as well as the psychedelic cover creations of Portland-based illustrator/tattoo artist, Stevie Floyd (Dark Castle, Taurus).
Said Metal Injection of the offering, "ABIGAIL WILLIAMS maintains a balancing act as The Accuser drives on. Tracks swoop between thundering tempos with skin peeling shrieks/screams, and melodic sections that are sometimes beautiful, and sometimes harrowing. Never does it feel like the band is exhausting anything because nothing is ever held for very long. The band always manages to maintain something interesting or captivating." The Metal Observer agrees crowning The Accuser, "...the best release in the band's career, and certainly one worthy of multiple spins." New Noise Magazine notes, "The Accuser cements ABIGAIL WILLIAMS' status as one of the great American black metal bands, capable of crafting challenging yet rewarding music that rocks as much as it is thoughtful..." Echoes Lambgoat, "With the callous, sonically punishing The Accuser, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS have once again eschewed putting out the same record twice." Adds Spoutnik Music, "The Accuser will go down as ABIGAIL WILLIAMS' crowning achievement, and hopefully, the start of a transition towards the band they were always capable of becoming."

GHOUL: Creepsylvanian Miscreants To Take To The Streets Later This Week; Dungeon Bastards Earns #19 Spot On Decibel's Top 40 Albums Of 2016

"...the gonzo midnight movie vibe and cartoonish energy on Dungeon Bastards perfectly articulates the apocalyptic anxiety that we're all sharing in 2016." - Decibel
Creepsylvania's favorite masked miscreants GHOUL will rise again and take to the streets for four special performances later this week in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and Sacramento as well as a stint on the Third Annual Another Death Angel Christmas Show December 16th with additional live incursions in the plotting stages. Prepare for bodily devourment.
GHOUL - Crushing Cascadia 2016 Tour:
12/01/2016 Astoria Hastings - Vancouver, BC
12/02/2016 El Corazon - Seattle, WA
12/03/2016 The Raven - Portland, OR
12/04/2016 Colonial Theater - Sacramento, CA
12/16/2016 Slim's - San Francisco, CA *Third Annual Another Death Angel Christmas Show
Team GHOUL continues to tout the wares of their delightfully deviant Dungeon Bastards studio offering. Released via Tankcrimes this past July, the record consumed Billboard Charts upon its first week of release debuting at #11 on the Heatseekers Chart, #13 on the Top Vinyl Albums Chart, #13 on the Hard Rock Chart, and #27 on the Independent Albums Chart.
As if that wasn't enough to validate GHOUL's collective awesomeness, the band earned the #19 spot of Decibel's Top 40 Albums Of 2016, the revered rag issuing of the album, "For those who lived through Nancy and Ronald, S.O.D. and D.R.I. GHOUL's sound is like finding a shoebox of discontinued candy, all of it fresh to eat. That said, the gonzo midnight movie vibe and cartoonish energy on Dungeon Bastards perfectly articulates the apocalyptic anxiety that we're all sharing in 2016."
Dungeon Bastards was captured and mixed by Scott Evans (Kowloon Walled City) at Antisleep Studios in Oakland, mastered by Dan Randall (Impaled, Annihilation Time, Fucked Up, Necrot) at Mammoth Sound in San Francisco, and wields eleven hemorrhage-inducing tracks of the band's now-patented Creepsylvanian splatterthrash.
Notes MetalSucks of the mutinous offering, "Dungeon Bastards isn't just GHOUL's finest album to date - it's one of 2016's strongest albums to date, a pipe bomb hybrid of thrash, death metal, and hardcore that is effortlessly aggro and fun. Dungeon Bastards is the kind of record that will have you looking cockeyed at anyone who claims not to like it." Mass Movement concurs, "Infused with the savage technicality of thrash behemoths and legendary crossover beasts such as Blind Illusion and Attitude, the energy and power of early Death and Sodom and the morbid humours of GWAR, GHOUL's lifelong mission has taken another crucial step toward world domination. Thrashing time is here." In an 85/100 rating Metal Reviews gushes, "With so many gimmicks, it would seem surprising at first glance that GHOUL has continued for this long, but those gimmicks, and the not-so-secret identities of the band members, are just window dressing that covers music that can stand on its own merits. Dungeon Bastards continues GHOUL's policy of high quality with a blast of noise that will leave fans wishing for more than ten tracks." Ave Noctum crowns Dungeon Bastards, "the best thing GHOUL has put out to date." In an 8/10 conclusion, Decibel observes, "GHOUL indulges in every thematic cliché in the thrash/death metal rulebook here, from horror and nuclear holocaust to songs about themselves. And they still come across as a vital, modern band. Is there room for a gimmick band like GHOUL? When it's this good at both poking fun at metal and playing the music it's poking, hell yes." In Decibel's For Those About to Squawk column, Waldo agreed awarding the record, "7 Fucking Pecks," noting, "The production here is crisp and choppy and adds to the fun of this release... add in the sing-a-long choruses and you have a pretty beaking cool release." In a 5/5 score Skulls 'N' Bones observes, "Yes, GHOUL have a humorous appearance and slant on their music, but don't let that fool you. These guys write some seriously good metal and can back everything up with solid musicianship to boot. The humor is the icing on the cake." While Last Rites champions a record that blows a, "putrid air of goofy fun through metal catacombs that are so often smothering under their own seriousness, and does it without coming off as struggling to be funny for the sake of being funny. The songs are solid, the performances are untarnished, and you can listen without rolling your eyes. Recommended."

Monday, November 28, 2016

ANGER AS ART Release Official Video for "Unknowing, Undead"

OFFICIAL: L.A. Thrashers ANGER AS ART have released an official video for "Unknowing, Undead," a song from latest album Ad Mortem Festinamus. The video can be viewed below. Ad Mortem Festinamus was released March 11 on Old School Metal Records. On the highly anticipated follow-up to 2013 barnstormer Hubris, Inc. the quartet has done the improbable by creating a roaring thrash metal beast that doesn't just raise the bar; it crushes it into dust. Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Ronald Sandoval at Rev Studios, Chino CA, Ad Mortem Festinamus (Latin translation: We Hurry into Death) is everything you've come to expect from ANGER AS ART...and more! Speeding recklessness, lacerating solos, and a shrapnel storm of riffs combine to make what will undoubtedly be considered one of 2016's fiercest forays into Thrash Metal Armageddon. Ad Mortem Festinamus is venomous, angry thrash/speed/death metal. If you feel that no one hears your voice and you're pissed about it, then this is the album for you...because everyone is angry, and ANGER is beautiful!
Anger As Art - Unknowing, Undead (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

New HAMMER KING Track Streaming: "Battle Gorse"

OFFICIAL: German Power Metal Quartet HAMMER KING have released a new track from forthcoming album King is Rising. Stream "Battle Gorse" at the following below. Recorded at Powerwolf's Studio Greywolf, King is Rising is once again packed with the truest Heavy Metal in this and all possible other worlds. It is Heavy Metal in the tradition of IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST, crossed with the German Power Metal of HAMMER KING's peers. King is Rising contains 12 Metal anthems literally made for live performances with a nod towards faster paced songs compared to debut album Kingdom Of The Hammer King. Thematically, the second chapter of HAMMER KING's saga pertains to war and revolt, while the King's battle stories drastically bespeak today's global crises. For the album's artwork the band decided to again partner with brilliant German artist Timo Würz, and the result speaks for itself. Timo is the kind of artist who guarantees quality in every aspect of his job! HAMMER KING consists of former ROSS THE BOSS vocalist Titan Fox, former SALTATIO MORTIS' drummer Dolph A. Macallan rounded out by K.K. Basement on bass and Gino Wilde on guitars.

Armored Saint "Aftermath" (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

OFFICIAL: As previously announced, Armored Saint is releasing a new live album on February 24th (digitally on December 16th): Carpe Noctum. Having toured with Metallica, Whitesnake, Alice Cooper, The Scorpions, and many other artists since their inception in the early 80s, Armored Saint has always been a highly regarded live act - not only in their hometown of Los Angeles, but also around the world. The only official release to capture this, however, is 1989's live album, Saints Will Conquer - until now, with Carpe Noctum, which was recorded at the band's 2015 Wacken festival set, as well as their headlining show in Aschaffenburg, Germany.
Carpe Noctum track-listing
1. Win Hands Down (Live)
2. March of the Saint (Live)
3. Stricken by Fate (Live)
4. Last Train Home (Live)
5. Mess (Live)
6. Aftermath (Live)
7. Left Hook from Right Field (Live)
8. Reign of Fire (Live)
Armored Saint is currently on tour in the USA with Queensryche and Midnight Eternal in support of Carpe Noctum and their latest studio album, Win Hands Down (2015). See below for all upcoming dates!
Armored Saint tour dates
w/ Queensryche, Midnight Eternal
Nov. 17 - Riverside Municipal Auditorium - Riverside, CA
Nov. 18 - House of Blues - San Diego, CA
Nov. 19 - Club Red - Mesa, AZ *
Nov. 21 - Jakes Backroom - Lubbock, TX *
Nov. 22 - Alamo City Music Hall - San Antonio, TX
Nov. 23 - Scout Bar - Houston, TX
Nov. 25 - Clicks - Tyler, TX
Nov. 26 - Trees - Dallas, TX
Nov. 29 - Mavericks at the Landing - Jacksonville, FL
Nov. 30 - Culture Room - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Dec. 1 - The Cuban Club - Tampa, FL
Dec. 2 - The Music Farm - Charleston, SC
Dec. 3 - Baltimore Soundstage - Baltimore, MD
Dec. 4 - Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA
Dec. 6 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY
Dec. 7 - Rex Theatre - Pittsburgh, PA
Dec. 8 - Diesel Concert Lounge - Chesterfield, MI
Dec. 9 - Concord Music Hall - Chicago, IL
Dec. 10 - The Metal Grill - Milwaukee, WI *
Dec. 11 - Limelight - Peoria, IL
Dec. 13 - The Waiting Room - Omaha, NE
Dec. 14 - Kanza Hall - Overland Park, KS
Dec. 15 - The Black Sheep - Colorado Springs, CO
*=Armored Saint only
Armored Saint "Aftermath" (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

NEWS: Rudra new album soon

Rudra is a veteran extreme metal band from Singapore. They have a new album coming up on December 17, 2016, and some songs are available now. The new album is called Enemy of Duality and the band has worked hard at creating an album that stands out for its quality and for the songwriting. The music can probably be broadly categorized, more than anything, as black metal, but the band's emphasis on incorporating some cultural elements (they call it "Vedic metal") and melodies contrasts well with the otherwise harsh nature of the music. For these reasons, if quality matters to you and you are seeking metal music that is real metal, but that also can grab your attention, Rudra is music to give some serious consideration.
OFFICIAL: 'Vedic metal' pioneers since the early '90s return this year with their most ambitious album till date. Having worked hard over the years to forge a unique sound that's a sublime blend of Indian classical music rooted in ancient spirituality and extreme metal encompassing death metal, black metal and thrash metal music, Rudra have influenced many and more importantly, have set standards. Unheralded overlords of Asia, Rudra have a cult following that remains mysteriously loyal, as they hone a sound that's probably unparalleled. Their latest album, again founded on the principles of Vedic spirituality, extemporizes on the conventional extreme metal template and achieves hitherto unknown sonic effects. Indian classical instruments such as sitar, flute, tablas (Indian percussion) and even a didgeridoo are used for this album, along with female vocals and ritualistic chanting to emanate a genuine, spiritual expression. 'Enemy of Duality' is destined to be a landmark from the Orient, one that doesn't abandon the ancient roots and blends the traditional sounds and philosophies seamlessly into music that's at once challenging and hypnotic.
Biography: The world was introduced to the exotic sounds of Vedic Metal from Singapore in 1998 with the release of the self titled debut album. How ironical that Vedic Metal originated in a tiny island in South East Asia instead of India, the land of Vedic Mysticism and sacrifices. Although the band has been alive since 1992, it was in 1998 that the world finally got a taste of what this legendary outfit had to offer the world of Metal. The debut album was a revolutionary and unprecedented statement in extreme metal at the time. The good production in spite of it being recorded with a shoestring budget and its unique songwriting amazed reviewers around the world. The lyrical theme being the ancient Vedic philosophies made RUDRA really the founders of this genre.
2001's ‘The Aryan Crusade’ cemented RUDRA’s reputation as truly innovative and visionary composers by pushing the boundaries of their previous offering further. Till date many fans around the world consider this album to be definitive Vedic Metal album. 'The Aryan Crusade' retained the extreme metal sound along with their exotic sound that had become their trademark and took it to another dimension.
With two groundbreaking albums behind them, the band had become a force destined for recognition further outside of the ever evolving metal community. In 2003, they started to put out concept albums and ‘Kurukshetra’ was released with the theme taken off the famous battle featured in the Indian epic Mahabharata. 'Kurukshetra' proved that RUDRA can also be fine Death/Black Metal musicians. 2005 marked another turning point for the band. This time they pushed their craft further by releasing the first of a Trilogy entitled ‘Brahmavidya: Primordial I’. With this album RUDRA was perceived as a band that ever-evolved to become a reality far beyond comprehension. Till date the song ‘The Pathless Path to the Knowable Unknown’ of this album has become the Anthem of Vedic Metal.
2009 saw the release of the second chapter of the Brahmavidya trilogy, ‘Brahmavidya: Transcendental I’. This was another masterpiece with longer songs and trance inducing interludes. Soon after this release, the band produced an epic video for the song ‘Hymns from the Blazing Chariot’ which was nominated for an award in the local film industry.
In 2010 RUDRA made another breakthrough by incorporating traditional and contemporary dance into their performance. This was staged at the Indian Arts Festival in 2010 with rousing reviews.
The phenomenal artistic achievement of a band hidden in the tropical forests of South East Asia has been missed by many but not the musicologists. Several papers have been published about RUDRA and Vedic Metal, making them a band for both metalheads and academics.
2011 brought the final chapter of the Trilogy entitled ‘Brahmavidya: Immortal I’. The band is currently doing a world tour and planning to stage a full length Metal Dance fusion performance.
New album- Enemy Of Duality to be out via Transcending Obscurity- Asia- 2016.
Rudra (Singapore) - Ancient Fourth (Vedic Metal)

Abnormality "Cymatic Hallucinations" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

OFFICIAL: Massachusetts-based extreme metal outfit Abnormality has launched a video for "Cymatic Hallucinations", taken from their critically acclaimed album, Mechanisms of Omniscience. Produced, directed, and edited by Jim Foster. Jim Foster comments: "As we embarked on our second video together, my goal was to portray Abnormality's intense energy on a large scale while bringing their concept of a 'trip' into the darkness of the mind into a reality. And as always, Metal Blade is incredibly supportive in letting bands and directors see their visions through."
Abnormality's Jay Blaisdell (drums) adds: "We're excited to release our new music video for 'Cymatic Hallucinations.' Again we teamed up with Red 13 Media who delivered our previous video 'Mechanisms of Omniscience.' Overall, the song is about applying the concept of cymatics (the effects of sound & vibrational frequency on matter), to tripping hard on shrooms. Basically it's describing the trip of all trips. A hallucinogenic experience so intense that the auditory hallucinations experienced actually cause a cymatic alteration to the person's physical reality and existence, or even everyone's physical reality and existence. It's a pretty fucked up scenario. I personally have had really intense trips with both visual and auditory hallucinations. The sounds hallucinated are always indistinguishable from the real vibrational sounds. The whole concept has always intrigued me."
Abnormality "Cymatic Hallucinations" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: The fertile east coast death metal scene has poured forth some seriously formidable bands over the last decade, but there are few that can match the sheer visceral power and razor sharp songwriting skills of Marlborough, Massachusetts' Abnormality. Marrying the ceaseless brutality coming out of New York and New England to the hyper-blasting intensity endemic to Quebecois death metal, the quintet deliver music that is as unrelenting as it is passionate, and with their second full-length, Mechanisms Of Omniscience, they deliver a defiant blow. "The album is total death metal, no bullshit, no fancy shine. This is an album for the blue collar worker who's killing him or herself to live, and the kid stuck at home who's listening on headphones," states bassist Josh Staples. Moreover, tackling real world issues with intelligence and raw emotion, they create music that both moves and matters. "I am interested in the true nature of the world, the power structure and why the world is the way it is. There are many illusions out there, or blatant lies, rewritten history, and I do my own investigations and attempt to see through falsities. I want to know about human nature, how and why people can be cruel to each other, and why there is so much suffering in the world," states vocalist Mallika Sundaramurthy, who splits lyric writing duties with drummer Jay Blaisdell. "We write about the destruction of humanity, but we are not for the destruction of humanity."
Formed in 2005, the band drew its members from the ranks of units such as Teratism, Forced Asphyxiation, Goratory and Sexcrement, and they have worked patiently and persistently to build up a grassroots following, maintaining their integrity while steadily expanding beyond their local scene. While initially envisaged as a side project between Sundaramurthy, Blaisdell and guitarist Jeremy Henry, their intent was to write high quality, technical and heavy music, and as this crystallized a desire to bombard audiences grew. In 2010 they dropped their debut EP The Collective Calm In Mortal Oblivion, which immediately drew attention in the underground, followed by the crushing and critically acclaimed full-length Contaminating The Hive Mindin 2012, cementing their status as one of the heaviest and most dynamic bands in the genre. Importantly, the band have also grown with every release. "Each album has its own feeling and its own variations but remains rooted in the core Abnormality sound," Sundaramurthy says. "An album documents where we were at in that time and space, what we were thinking and what inspired us then, including world events, politics, and things in our personal lives. There are some consistent elements throughout the discography, but certainly there is an evolution you can follow if you listen to our music chronologically."
Embracing their network of fans, they have toured extensively and proved themselves a dominating force no matter what size stage they play on, performing from coast to coast and border to border, as well as racking up festival appearances in the United States, Colombia, and Europe. In 2014 they tore up the continent while on the road with Dehumanized, Malignancy and Beneath, and their appearance at The Netherlands' Neurotic Deathfest was a highpoint for the band. Disinterested in flash-in-the-pan popularity, the band focused on building momentum organically, their reputation growing both through word of mouth and via the many videos posted on YouTube, including the eerie clip for "Monarch Omega", which has racked up almost 2 million views. With such a fervent following, the band remain fiercely loyal to their fans, reciprocating the love and devotion shown them. "The people who have been with us and supported us from the beginning, it's crucial to us," states Henry. "Contrary to popular belief, being a musician in today's day and age is a shitty prospect. The sacrifices made are overwhelming at times, but it's those people offering their support that keep you motivated and moving forward, and believing that what you are doing is worthwhile despite an increasingly materialistic and shallow society."
While 2016 marks the 11th year of Abnormality's existence, the savage anger and urgency driving Mechanisms Of Omniscienceis the sound of the hungriest of bands, generating an intoxicating energy. With the lineup solidifying with recent addition Sam Kirsch on guitar, the band approached the follow up to Contaminating The Hive Mind with the intent of moving their sound forward, and utilizing the skills of every member of the band has always been important to the Abnormality creative process. "Our newest member, Sam, gave us a new perspective and influence," adds Henry. "Everyone contributes to the writing process, and it was only natural that someone coming from a different place musically would have an impact on the end result. I think the push and pull from our members' differing opinions and musical influences lend itself to the musical compositions evolving from song to song and record to record." This approach ensures that only the strongest emotions are pushed to the surface. Through focusing on individual songs rather than planning out a whole album in advance, it makes for more potent and dynamic songwriting, and by the time they headed into the studio with longtime producer Peter Rutcho, they had ten killer tracks ready to be laid down. "Rutcho has been with us for years now, and that type of familiarity and comfort level cannot be replaced," says Henry. "He knows all of us in and out, all of our flaws and strengths. He really put his mark on this record as well-- there was a lot of sonic production that went into it where his creativity was crucial." The result of this meeting of minds really does see the band elevated to the proverbial next level. The floodgates open with "Swarm", a frenzied and contorted sonic assault that destroys everything in its path, and from there on out they don't let up. Music is rarely uglier or more scathing than that unleashed on "Irreversible"; the grooves and atmospheric textures blended with unrepentant hostility on "Synthetic Pathogenesis" are almost overwhelming, and by the time apocalyptic closer "Consuming Infinity" collapses under its sheer sonic weight, the listener is left feeling brutalized. Still, the music is only part of the picture, and every lyric Sundaramurthy wraps her ferocious roar around is rooted in the ideology of the band. At the core of this is the title track, penned by Blaisdell. "The chorus is 'The abuse absolute, like a tumor you can't remove, this cancer spreads to every organ. This prison we live in, mechanisms of omniscience, relying on uniform ignorance', and the song is about the well established order of control and power in the world," the drummer explains. "It's about the people who have the real power and their means and methods of control over us, and how those methods require a level of ignorance on our part in order to be successful. The methods, or mechanisms, exist in many forms. It's unavoidable and invasive. From the endless wars and atrocities, to the fractional reserve debt slavery, the rigged elections and the criminals who are supposed to represent us, or the blatant spying on everyone and everything by intelligence agencies that are completely out of control. These are just a few of many enormous problems that have grown beyond repair. Mechanisms Of Omniscienceis about a monolithic system of control that is so advanced that it not only successfully ensures the same sadistic fucks maintain the power and control they've always had, it also does this while convincing everyone else to enjoy their own subjugation, the illusion of being free." Sundaramurthy concurs with this, and all of the lyrics she writes come from a similarly critical stance, cutting through the lies, and dissecting complex issues without flinching-- yet while there are elements of bleakness to this, it is not the whole picture. "My lyrics are rooted in realism, investigation of our reality, spirituality, with a tinge of idealism. I'm curious about where humans came from, where civilization is going, and all the darkness that goes along with those things. I like to look straight into the void of reality, past, present and future, and not shy away from it. Though this may sound nihilistic, I stand for finding and speaking truth, however dreadful it may be. I believe in morality, and in helping the oppressed and voiceless."
Adding a further dimension to the album's impact is the artwork, which was also created by Sundaramurthy. While embodying an old school spirit there is something immediate and contemporary about it, encapsulating the violence of the music beyond this image. "I am inspired by old school death metal album covers and also dark fantasy and surrealist artists, such as Zdzisław Beksiński, Wayne Barlowe, and Dan Seagrave, and I went for an abstract approach with the album cover. It is meant to represent the dark emotions and cover some different themes throughout the album songs."
Armed with the record, and thrilled to have Metal Blade behind them, the band have never been as serious about getting their message out there, as well as ensuring legions of the moshing masses incur whiplash, bloody noses and blown MCLs in the best way possible. While they are understandably proud of the hard work they have put in over the years and the finished product that is Mechanisms Of Omniscience, in many ways they are just getting started. "We would like to keep evolving our brand of aggressive, technical, yet atmospheric death metal into new and unexplored territory," says Sundaramurthy, but their intentions go much deeper than this, and she makes it clear that the drive and purpose pushing the members of Abnormality has never been more urgent. "The American dream is dead, illusions and fallacies are being exposed; the masses have been sold out to the corporate elite, the planet is being ransacked, and we're all fucked. We have never been more pissed off and inspired to spread our music and our vision of the brutal realities of our world. The machine that is Abnormality has only gotten stronger and louder over the years. We won't let up until we leave our mark on the metal scene, and the world."

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Holy Angels

Holy Angels is a band from Madagascar. They are a bit on the thrash side, but there are hints of other genres, too. They have a long history, about which you can read below, even though it's not clear what the status of the band is at this moment. Listen to their music at the link below.
OFFICIAL: The preeminent Thrash metal band of the mid-'90s to nowadays, Holy angels is built up by the brothers Raharison -Dom robertini (Bass guitar), Rudd Mich (drums), and ramann (Lead guitar and vocal) - in Antara a village of Rock music in Fianar Madagascar. At that time, the way to blow up the small pound was not easy, since at that time Metal music was not considered as a kind of interesting showbiz music but remained only as a fervent dream for the addicted teenagers. That's why the Holy angels band was only enclosed in a studio for the rehearsal and the songs composing during their first two years. As a fruit of this hard working, the key turning point was the first major label album debut, DIRTY WORK (1993). It thrust the band to the forefront of the metal scene. (Pentecote Rock, Live to ride, Vatravatra, Rock be tsa leo, Big Rock.. ). Though bearing some difficulties in terms of appropriated sounds and matos, let's say that Holy angels band was belonging to the bands that opened the right way for the rock music popularity and influence in Fianarantsoa. As far as the lyrics were concerned, they were foccused on life, policy, death, Peace, anvironment, love, and hope. Apart from the songs that written by raMann and Dom, some good cooperations with other monument writers (such as Gova Hernan, Doc Metal...) signed up another good orientation for Holy angels' way.
In 1998, the about-face came with the addition of a magician guitarist Tommedge, it was a kind of a new page full of new attitude, and new breath for the band. Fianarantsoa was factualy only a small place for the Big rock music, where Holy angels band was like a big fish in a small pound, that's why they made up their mind to climb up the capital of Madagascar (Tananarive), a place where Rock is as popular as in overseas. At the height of their popularity, Holy angels seemed to"self-destruct"; In fact, it was not really a split but the members of the band had to think much more about their own personal life (work, university study,..), that's why they couldn't afford to stay together in a same place for a regular moment, but only doing something whenever they met themselves together. Therefore from 1999 to 2007, they could only recorded some singles such as "Tambin'ny ota", "Messiah", "...", and some shows like "Vakina Mirock", "Big rock three", "Rock be tsa leo", "Tapage nocturne", ... . "
Anyway, along the vacant times the members were doing a kind of a side project, For instance Dom butressed the Golgotha band as a guitarist, and Rudd played with Vazantany band, whereas Tommedge and raMann ensured the OFF/ON band. So it was the ten years vacant, or "Garazy 10 taona" for the Holy angels band, a vacant which couldn't help to gathering the new experiences for them. As time goes by, after ten years, after the "gallère" of "Garazy folo taona", Holy angels came back, with the full energy, a new vision, and especially a new style (Moraingy Metal); In fact their come back was set up by a sold out show in Fianar, "Love year 2009- in Moulin Rouge Fianarantsoa, Madagascar". A show that marked by some souvenir items such as Garazy 10 taona tee-shirt, mini album entitled BACK FROM THE DEAD, (Mamo indray, KAT, Tontolo, Sary mainty sy fotsy, im70 im7, Tambin'ny ota), and 2 DVD clips of KAT and im70 im7. Now Holy angels is remaining a solid band, as Rock as a Stone, they are feeling stuffy now upon working hardly under the four walls of a studio, preparing the real Moraingy Metal which seemed like a new discovery of the century for the world of Metal. METAL IS NEVER DEAD.

Venomous Supremacy

Venomous Supremacy = brutal extreme metal = Venomous Supremacy. This is a band from Houston, Texas, U.S. specializing in the one mission in life that if you want done right you have to do it yourself: make the most brutal extreme metal that you can while you are still alive. Speaking of alive, it's not clear from Facebook how alive they are right now, but go the first link below and check out what the kids in Texas like to do in their spare time. They may be going through a period of inactivity right now, but it is highly doubtful that they are done because these humans live for this stuff and it is almost impossible that they are truly finished. Get in contact with them and tell them to get off their behinds and start up again because Venomous Supremacy!

Obscene Gesture

If you are up for the challenge of the most supreme fury anger ire of crossover thrash named Obscene Gesture (U.S.), then c'mon up, get on this thing, gamblers, because this band is one of the angriest metal punks that you will hear today, all day, any day, wheneverday. The man leading the charge is Guy Green (RIP 2016) who shouts and screams about what he does not like about the world, and he does not like a lot of it. This band is now over because the leader is dead, but the music sounds as it always did: the living incarnation of frustration with no amelioration in sight.
Listen to the music at the first link below. By the way, there are videos this band on YouTube and the videos feature clips and bits and zips of highly violent scenes of humans being animals to each other, so check those out if you want to be disturbed a lot. The scenes are episodes of human violence. It's basically a way to embarrass the humans by showing them what they are really like at times. Don't watch those videos just before you go to bed because you won't be able to sleep.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Mystifier live video

The Brazilian band of the ancient black metal Mystifier have shared a recent live video in Europe, when they were in Dublin, Ireland this past November. Watch the teachers at work!
[Mystifier with Seattle black metallers Inquisition!]
OFFICIAL: Mystifier is an Extreme Underground Metal pioneer from Brazil, formed in July of 1989 by bassist Beelzeebubth. When Beelzeebubth met Meugninousouan (vocalist), Behemoth (guitarist), and Lucifuge Rofocale (drummer), they decided to form one of the most extreme Metal acts from the dark South American lands. After nearly five months proceeding, they recorded their first demo-tape in 1989 entitled "TORMENTING THE HOLY TRINITY". The response was so extensive that Maniac Records (a small vinyl record store from their hometown) invited them to record two new songs for a single. Mystifier eagerly agreed. In July of 1990, the single, "THE EVIL ASCENSION RETURNS" was released. They were the first Metal band from their town to release material onto a label. Some Brazilian labels were very interested to deal with them. Then, in July of 1991, they recorded a promo-tape entitled "ALEISTER CROWLEY" with six fresh songs to present them to other labels.
In February of 1992, the hard work had paid off and their debut album "WICCA" was released on the rip-off label Hellion Records from Brazil. It is considered one of the most extreme albums to date for many magazines and true fans of Extreme Metal Musick. After the release of their debut album, Beelzeebubth fired Meugninousouan because of his lack of interest. Asmodeus (ex-Hatred) was recruited to become the new vocalist and keyboardplayer. At the same time, Astaroth (ex-Calvary) joined them on the second lead guitar. During those years, the band gained enormous worldwide underground notoriety. It drew the attention of the French label Osmose Productions that dealt with them for two albums. The first one was released in the November of 1993, with worldwide distribution through SPV, entitled "GÖETIA". [Several months later, their debut album also released in Europe by Osmose Productions.] The response was a European tour request from the tour promoter Insolit - and many reviews, articles, interviews, and so forth - in international magazines and radio stations. After that release, Mystifier played in many Brazilian areas to promote the new release.
Behemoth and Astaroth had to quit the band because of their jobs and even they weren't interested to maintain a band. Paulo Lisboa (who has played in Death Metal bands for years) replaced them on the lead-guitar. Beelzeebubth was very disappointed with the underground scene, corroded with hypocritical 'Satanic Christians' who were talking a lot of shit about Satanism, fascism, racism and nazi thoughts. He canceled the releasing of the third album. He composed new and powerful music. In August of 1996, their masterpiece third album entitled, "THE WORLD IS SO GOOD THAT WHO MADE IT DOESN'T LIVE HERE" was released with six new tracks. It's their greatest produced and recorded material; it is totally original and different from their previous old school black metal releases. Due to the caused delay, the European tour was cancelled and Osmose Productions wasn't interested anymore to re-sign the band. But, the band doesn't surrender to the trends and follows its own way playing the most extreme form of Musick born into 'Underground Philosophy'!
Beelzeebubth signed with a Brazilian label to release all MYSTIFIER albums in Brazil. The first was their debut album "WICCA," and the single "T.E.A.R." on CD format. It was released in September of 1997. Unfortunately, Aab Benaia (Lucifuge Rofocale) left the band at that time because of personal problems. Louis was attracted to temporarily replace him. Thony D'assys (formerly Carnified) was recruited to be the second lead guitarist. Both played with the band in the 'Rotting Christ Brazilian Tour' in June of 1998.
The band released their fourth full-length album entitled "Profanus" in September of 2001 with 13 fresh compositions on a Brazilian label called Encore Records. At the moment they are writing new songs for the upcoming album, on which they again will expand their musicianship into new dark areas.
Mystifier- Give The Human Devil His Due(Live)


Nightwalkers is a metal band from Panama, Central America. It appears that they have making the rounds in their country. If you would to hear a bit of the music, two songs, go the first link given below and learn more about them. Send them a message and tell them to post more of their music!!
OFFICIAL: Nightwalkers is a Panamanian Thrash / Heavy Metal band created in 2010. Nightwalkers takes ideas from old school by reforming it with a heavy, fast, concrete, melodic sound. Founded by Carlos Shedden and its co-founder, Vladimir Pardales.
History and most relevant presentations: They both took on the task of studying their instruments for a year and then looking for the lineup they needed to start the band and experimenting with musicians. Within these sections, violins, keyboards and guitars were recorded backwards. At the beginning of 2011, Josué Olivero joined the group as a drummer. The musical connection was immediate, but they still needed to find the bass frequencies of the band. During months of rehearsal and composing music composed in summer of 2011. The band tried to work with numerous bassists but none fit with the style that Nightwalkers was elaborating for those days. Until they found Pedro Contreras being the first official bass player of the group.
The band would have its official debut on the streets of Panama on December 17, 2011, in the old bar La Casona, located in the Old Town, the public was surprised that the band performed well the Metal at a young age. After months of several touches in collaboration with other bands, gaining valuable public, Josué Olivero leaves the band in nov. 2012 by musical differences. In December. 2012 are presented in the Christmas parade in a segment called "Christmas Rock" working with Magic Dreams, and the Mayor of Panama along with the collaboration of Conrad Clarke and Kevin Moreno (Drum) session musicians. The band adapted Christmas songs to Rock Heavy and playing emblematic themes of the group as "My Victory" "Across the Fire" "Heroes Of Justice". At the beginning of 2013, as the band did not have a fixed drummer yet and the agenda of presentations continued, the group made the decision to work with more session drummers until getting a fixed one. One can emphasize the presentation of the band in the second A 6 Electric Strings in the Yuyin Luzcando, in which they shared platform with many chants authors of the stature of Luis de la Rosa, Aniel Mejia, Metheora and Yek Gamboa and the missing band of Rock in Spanish, Saints and Demons.
In March 2013, they audition for new drummer and the decision falls positively for Johann Tempest, a conservatory percussionist entering his first steps in Heavy Rock and making his debut in April. Shortly after his entrance to the band, Pedro Contreras leaves the band for university reasons and again the group is without bass. Fortunately this period did not last long, since at the recommendation of Johann, Orlando Cigarruista enters Nightwalkers, being the most stable lineup to date. They participated in the last contest Hard Rock Café in Spanish, in which they had an excellent participation. In August 2013, they were interviewed by TVN Al Descubierto, Tharyn Jimenez, in which they impacted with their social and interpersonal themes and left their desires to arise at national level and transcend borders, which is one of the goals Of this grouping. They performed the Tribute to Iron Maiden 1.0 at the Pavo Real Restaurant along with invited musicians from other groups. This event had a great reception among the audience that could enjoy and chant each of the songs of the mythical band. In October 2013 begins the project to record his first EP with the support of Rompiendo Bocinas and Vélez Record, a process that lasted several months because the band took the time to find the sound they were looking for and obtaining better equipment to record.
In March of 2014, they appear next to Head of Hammer in Hangar 18, in which the public was enchanted with the presentation of both bands. Being honored by Eric Pinzón in his comments to have been able to share with excellent young musicians and their future success. Even people from the audience claimed to see "Hammerhead in its infancy." The band has appeared several times in the interior of the country, in which we can highlight their concert in the Billar Ken, La Chorrera. Thanks to the impact of the good comments of the tribute to Iron Maiden 1.0, Nightwalkers again of the hand of other musicians realize the Tribute to Iron Maiden 2.0 this time in Hangar 18, which was a full one. On May 30 Nightwalkers returned to share stage with Hammerhead and with the return of the band Deathless in Hangar 18. In September 2014 they were part of the second round of the second contest Istmo Rock 2014. In October 2014, the band made a media tour of Panama's key rock radio stations, promoting themselves as a band and announcing that they would release the album in November. Some of these radios were "Radio Metropolis" in the Voltaje 3 program and "Radio Mix" in the Brutal Volume program.
November 22, 2014 they released their first independent album entitled "Path To Reality" EP, an event completely organized by the band in Hangar 18. The event included numerous national rock media such as Rock Flag, Rock Press, La Critica and sponsored by Grecha -Accesorios, Alfaro Company, Plug n Play Test Rooms, PTY Culture and many more. The band took a break to compose new songs and work on their next material. In February 2015 they presented in the first RockFest 2015 of Gaitán Bros and Odebrecht leaving in high a great participation of the Panamanian Metal. They formed part of the bands called for the ExpoTattoo 2015. Stage in which RPG, Os Almirantes, Hammerhead and several others were presented. In May 2015 they were invited by the radio program "Los 40 Principales" to talk a bit about the band and promote the single from the EP Album "Face Your Fears". Thanks to this, in the ears of this radio were invited to realize a media tour by all Mexico D.F, making that the music of the band was heard in Mexican and Costa Rican soil. In July 2015 the band recorded their first audiovisual material titled "Nightwalkers, Bunker Jam Sessions" a DVD that will be released soon, in which the band interprets unpublished tracks to the disc EP. This DVD has no official release date yet. Two DVD tracks can be played for free on Youtube. After a 2015 full of concerts in collaboration with other Panamanian groups like 2 TON YAKAMA, Valkeryon, Elgebar, Votraster and Sonor Storm, the band decides to enter the studio to work on perfecting their sound. On September 11, the band published an official communiqué announcing their first tour around Panama, a tour that begins in October and ends in December.

Before Crush

Before Crush (Angola) is a metalcore band whose origins go back to 2006. Below you will find some basic information about the band and a video from them. They seem to have played in some music festivals in Angola, as you can tell from the picture below from their Facebook. Be sure to go to their Facebook page if you would be interested in learning more about the band. In the meantime, get started with this information.
OFFICIAL: Before Crush, formerly Nightmare Today, is a group formed in 2006 in Lobito by vocalist and guitarist Ladino, former bassist Nivaldo Spacum, former drummer Teclista Hernany Mutante Lv10, former guitarist Télio Crosshinder, adopting the alternative style Punk later MetalCore. The idea Nightmare Today appeared spontaneously among the members who already looked for an impact name and remarkable due to the style that the band practices today. It went ahead with the idea of ​​having a band with only a guitar, keyboard (Yamaha) and a bass (Pearl River) and the band goes into rehearsals in a 4 month season. From March to July the band continued to rehearse and give small concerts in backyards and terraces like ALFA and Zulo (Restinga). In August of 2007 the band prepares a casting to integrate more elements Solo Guitarist and Base Guitarist due to the absence in the rehearsals of its old guitarist soon after the band officiates the entrance of 3 more elements: Costinha "nha" Back Vocals, Daniel "Bodão" Guitarist, and Menick guitarist. In September of 2007 the band participates in the first concert outside the city Lobito, this happened in the city of Benguela. He played alongside Velatorios, Phantom Pain ex: Slave and Invocation, performing as punk band Nightmare Today and conquering the night with the sounds: Fugir, Souvenirs and Changes. Soon after, the band enters recording of 2 first singles "Eterna Luz" and "Regressar" that appeared as one of the most requested songs and known in their style in the provinces of Benguela, Luanda and Huambo. On March 29, 2008 the band presented the two Singles and more live songs allusive to the band's first anniversary with the Concerto Liga al te ao Rock.
Before Crush - A bruxa

Last Shout

Last Shout (Angola) describes itself as a "groove metal band with brutal death metal and deathcore influences." They say that their influences are: Devildriver/ Arch enemy/ Lamb of God/ Gojira/ Cannibal Corpse/ Chimaria/ All shall perish/ Carnifex/ Gorod/Suicide Silence/Attila/All That Remains. The band seems to be coming along nicely in their niche of younger-generation current metal sound. They have some evidence of the rocking that they have been doing, as you can see below. They have some bits of videos posted online at their Facebook. However, they do not seem to have full songs posted yet. Get in contact with them and bother them to do it so that we can hear where they are going with their sound! If you are interested in the sounds of the younger bands in Angola, check them out.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Diabolic is a veteran death metal band from the U.S. Unfortunately, they are overlooked, but make no mistake, Diabolic represents the values of traditional extreme metal completely. The band makes clear where they come from: BATHORY, KREATOR, VOI VOD, DARK ANGEL, POSSESSED, METALLICA, MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, SLAYER. The origins of the band date back to 1996, but as it often happens in bands, they have had their share of troubles within the band, and they have gone through periods of inactivity. Of course, these things have not helped the cause of Diabolic in a world in which if your band disappears for a bit, people forget about your band, and move on to the next band, trend or whatnot.
Below you will find two links at which you can hear a bit of the music. If you are serious about death metal, and not just a casual listener, and you want to hear bands that have experience, and you have not given much attention to Diabolic, consider what a review at Metal Archives says about the band: "Most of the tracks on Excisions of Exorcisms are high octane blasts of satanic fury. "Fragmented Kreation" and "Venomous Habitations" are highlights in this regard. The higher tempo tracks feature blasting drums courtesy of founding member Aantar Coates that threaten to come off the rails and fly apart, yet never quite lose control. Morbid Angel-style guitar riffs and traded solo freak-outs are also abundant thanks to Kelly McLauchlin (also of Pessimist) and newcomer Jeff Parrish. Returning vocalist / bassist Paul Ouellette rounds out the lineup with a solid guttural vocal performance that recalls David Vincent's heyday. This is a very strong Diabolic lineup indeed. The guys also show that they know how to reduce the tempo and crush the listener near the end of Excisions of Exorcisms. "False Belief" and "Entombed" both slow the pace, and as a result they really stand out from the rest of the album. Besides the more moderate tempo, these tracks also feature some of the best riffs on this release. "False Belief" instills a sinister feeling of dread in the listener with its slow, suffocating riffs, while "Entombed" uses descending chords that will make you feel like you are actually about to "descend into your tomb." The whole album gives off a wicked vibe, but these tracks are two of the darkest."
Recently, the band seems to be playing some shows, but there is not much in the way of updates posted. Some things remain unclear still. Is there a new album in the works? If so, for when, for 2017? Are there plans to embark on tours or is Diabolic a project at this point? At any rate, despite these questions, there is no doubt that Diabolic has done strong work in the past and any future recording and activities should be of interest to the devoted supporters of death metal.
Band information as found in Wikipedia:
Diabolic is an American death metal band from Tampa, Florida, founded in 1998 by drummer Aantar Lee Coates and guitarist Brian Malone.The very earliest beginnings of Diabolic started in 1996, when drummer Aantar Coates (Exmortis, Horror of Horrors, Unholy Ghost, Blastmasters) teamed up with guitarist Kelly McLauchlin (Pessimist, Unholy Ghost, Possessed) to record the very first 4-song Diabolic Demo. Although this demo was never officially released, and sent only to select contacts in the underground, it marked the beginning of success to follow for the band.
By January 1997, Diabolic drummer/founder Aantar Coates had relocated to Tampa, Florida and after forming the first complete lineup, recorded and released the successful demo "City of the Dead". This demo immediately got the band noticed in the worldwide underground press and was later released as MCD on Fadeless Records. By 1998, Diabolic made their debut live appearance opening for Vader in Tampa, Florida followed by Milwaukee Metalfest XII. The lineup was soon solidified to include Aantar Coates on drums, Paul Ouellette on lead guitar and vocals, Brian Malone on lead guitars, and Ed Webb on bass.
In 1999, Diabolic recorded their debut full-length album Supreme Evil. This CD, which was mastered at Morrisound Recording Studios in Tampa and featured the artwork of Joe Petagno (Motörhead, Marduk, Krisiun), was released on Conquest/Hammerheart Records and received a multitude of excellent reviews and established an enormous international underground following for the band. More live shows soon followed, and the band continued gaining notoriety and writing for their next release.
The following year in 2000, Diabolic recorded their second full-length album Subterraneal Magnitude, again released on Conquest/Hammerheart Records. Produced by Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (Morbid Angel, Terrorizer), this over-the-top destructive force expanded the unique Diabolic sound to new extremes. By this time, vocalist Paul Ouellette had switched to bass, and the band had recruited Brian Hipp (Brutality, Cradle of Filth, Acheron) on lead guitars. Again featuring the art of Joe Petagno, it was clear that Diabolic was destined for success.
Diabolic was soon enlisted for the "Death Metal Massacre Tour 2000", opening for Cannibal Corpse, God Dethroned and Hate Eternal, playing to sold-out venues for four weeks, all across the USA. In 2001, Diabolic was honored to be chosen for the prestigious Metal Maniacs "Xmass Ball Tour 2001", opening for Enslaved and Macabre (which included a one-off with Lacuna Coil!), followed by a 3-week North American Tour of the U.S. and Canada, supporting Marduk and Amon Amarth. Later that same year, Diabolic was hand-picked to open several dates across the southern U.S. with death metal pioneers Morbid Angel.
In 2002, Diabolic signed to Century Media/Olympic Records and surpassed all earlier releases with their third CD, Vengeance Ascending. Once again produced by Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez, this devastating attack redefined extreme metal in a relentless onslaught of anger, vengeance, and victory. Again this CD featured the art of Joe Petagno, and new lead guitarist recruit Jerry Mortellaro. The band then departed on a month-long, sold-out U.S. Tour supporting Dimmu Borgir, Cryptopsy, and Krisiun, further solidifying the band as one of the underground's most ferocious upcoming death metal acts. In November 2002 Diabolic made their European debut, for a month-long tour of 10 countries in support of Behemoth, Deströyer 666, and Deicide.
By 2003, and after the European Tour, the band had gone through several major lineup changes. Gone was the original lineup, who had all been replaced. Led by sole remaining original member Brian Malone, the band recorded their fourth full-length CD, Infinity Through Purification. Produced by Neil Kernon (Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Judas Priest) and released on Century Media Records, this album had great potential, but without the trademark Diabolic of the past it garnered lackluster reviews. The band had even secured an opening slot on Deicide's upcoming U.S. Tour, but soon after the album's release, it was announced that the band was being dissolved permanently. It seemed that this would be the end of Diabolic.
Meanwhile, Diabolic original members Aantar Cotes (drums), Paul Ouellette (vocals, bass) along with guitarists Kelly McLauchlin (Pessimist, Unholy Ghost, Possessed) and Jerry Mortellaro (also formerly of Diabolic) had joined together in 2003 to form a new band, Unholy Ghost. The band signed to Century Media/Olympic Recs, and released the debut CD Torrential Reign, produced by Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (Morbid Angel, Terrorizer) as well as recorded a video for "Under Existence", released on Century Media Europe DVD. The band went on to play several hi-profile fests such as "Sun 'n' Steel" Florida Metalfest, "Metal Nation" Fest, Las Vegas Metalfest, and "Gathering of the Bestial Legions" Metalfest in Los Angeles. Despite its apparent success, Unholy Ghost soon disbanded in 2005 and lead guitarist Kelly McLauchlin went back to work with Pessimist, and drummer Aantar Coates went on to form yet another new band, Blastmasters.
By 2006, and amidst legal battles over the rights to use the name, Diabolic had re-formed. Original drummer Aantar Coates along with Unholy Ghost/Pessimist guitarist Kelly McLauchlin and parts of the Blastmasters lineup (RJ/guitars and Jesse Jolly/bass, Vox) recorded their comeback EP, Possessed By Death in 2007. Then after re-enlisting original bassist/vocalist Paul Ouellette in 2008, the band recorded yet another new EP, Chaos in Hell. Both self-produced EPs were recorded at DOW studios in Tampa, Florida again with long-time producer Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez. The band then signed to Deathgasm Records in 2008, and released both EPs on one CD, Chaos in Hell/Possessed by Death. Diabolic continued by playing select shows in Tampa with Monstrosity and Six Feet Under, and festivals including "Mayhem in May" in Louisville, Kentucky and "Gathering of the Bestial Legions III" Metalfest in Hollywood, California.
The band returned once again to DOW Studios and longtime producer Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (Morbid Angel, Terrorizer, Unholy Ghost) and in 2010, Diabolic has unleashed their newest slaying, Excisions of Exorcisms on Deathgasm Records with a return to a core lineup that featured original drummer Aantar Coates (Unholy Ghost, Exmortis, Horror of Horrors, Blastmasters), original bassist/vocalist Paul Ouellette (Unholy Ghost), and lead guitarists Kelly McLauchlin (Unholy Ghost, Pessimist, Possessed) and Jeff Parrish (Blastmasters).
In April 2010, Diabolic was hand-selected to open the first several dates of the Cannibal Corpse "Evisceration Plague" Tour (in place of 1349), including shows in Atlanta GA, Raleigh NC, Washington DC and Long Island, NY. The band then made festival appearances at Las Vegas Deathfest II and Hostile City Death Fest II in Philadelphia, PA.
Jeff Parrish died on February 14, 2013 from a heart attack in his sleep. He was 40 years old.
Diabolic is currently writing new music for the next CD.
City of the Dead Demo 1997
Supreme Evil Full-length 1998
Subterraneal Magnitude Full-length 2001
Vengeance Ascending Full-length 2001
Infinity Through Purification Full-length 2003
Possessed by Death EP 2006
Chaos in Hell EP 2007
Chaos in Hell / Possessed by Death compilation 2008
Excisions of Exorcisms Full-length 2010

Dehuman to tour Europe with Sadistic Intent

The death metal force Dehuman (Belgium) has announced that in December they will tour Europe with death metal veteran act Sadistic Intent from California, U.S: "This is it you MANIAXS we are proud to unleash the complete set of dates of the DEHUMAN and SADISTIC INTENT Death is coming to Europe Tour. SADISTIC INTENT announced earlier this week, that this tour might be one of the last times to catch this legendary band live! Make sure to come and witness the return of one of the most raw and evil sounding death metal bands spawned on this black earth!"
Find out more at the links below.
OFFICIAL: Dehuman was aborted with success in October 2006 into the filth of Brussels. The first regurgitation “Black Throne of all Creation” appeared in 2012 released on compact disc by Kaotoxin and on black LP record by Tanquam Aegri Somnia, followed by a French and European tour with AGATHOCLES, a European and Balkan tour invited by MASTER, seventy shows spitted at the face of what remains of REAL violent and brutal death-metal amateurs still alive in this putrid abyss, headlining or supporting BELPHEGOR, ABORTED, ENTHRONED, POSSESSED, SEVERE TORTURE, MACABRE, UNLEASHED, DEATH (to all), LENG T'CHE, DEAD CONGREGATION. The next noise deflagration “Graveyard of Eden” produced by Phorgath of Enthroned and Mixed by F. Castes, Studio Sainte Marthe, Paris ( Arkhon Infaustus, Kickback, Loudblast ) is to be released in march 2015.