Tuesday, October 25, 2016

reminder: new issue of The Sentinel metal music zine (Seattle)

It’s that time again! The Sentinel, a metal zine from Seattle, has a new issue and it’s time to let you know about it.
If you are new to The Sentinel, here’s the basic idea: it is a paper-only zine from the Pacific Northwest in North America. The zine is not all over the internet, but it’s easy to get, just get in contact with them at info below.
The new issue is number 5 and it features UADA, Un, Hiding, Wende, Slugged, Age of Nefilim.
H.S. is the editor of the zine and H.S. says the following in the intro to the new issue:
“Whether you’ve found this zine in a record shop, mailed package, or trash bin, thanks for reading our fifth issue. This rag has been a long time in the making, it being almost a year since the printing of our last issue, but our continued release of propaganda proves that while the underground is slow-moving, it is very much alive."
EMAIL: thesentinelseattle@gmail.com

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