Saturday, October 22, 2016

Oxygen Destroyer and Carnotaurus have new music now!

Look around you and you will find that the world is in trouble: the utter lack of metal bands with songs about Godzilla is appalling and is completely unacceptable. It is high time that we speak out against this situation and that we demand rectification now. Failure is not an option!
Fear not, humans, for everything is not lost. In the rainy, grey and cloudy skies of the Pacific Northwest of North America, where the sun's absence is a way of life, one band has stood up to heed the call. A bright flash in the night sky, a grueling march through the frozen sand of time: metalheads united, let’s stand up and stand up again, is never too late to get in on the action, Oxygen Destroyer is heeding the call of the wild. Oxygen Destroyer is here to save the day with Godzilla-themed songs in the shape of traditional extreme metal aimed straight at the face of all fanatics of classic death/thrash/black metal. Oxygen Destroyer is a mission: "Taking influence from Teutonic Thrash and Old School Death Metal, we come together to create a sound that captures the brutality and hatred of the Kaiju, bestial forces of nature that symbolize nuclear warfare, and the ignorance of humanity. Brimming with tremolo dominated riffage and city crushing blast beats, Oxygen Destroyer channels the wrath of the Kaiju, and unleashes their power through unrelenting Death/Thrash fury."
Saurian Warfare is the title of the new split with Oxygen Destroyer and Carnotaurus, a true death metal band from the state of Washington, U.S.
Carnotaurus is the ancient Chinese proverb for "Carno" and "taurus" which means, in modern English, "Death" and "metal." True death metal is the reality that Carnotaurus pushes forward as a platform for instilling the hearts with a life-long unshakable loyalty to the allegiance of metal music. Raise your hand, raise your cup, do the horns, for the Carnotaurus wants you alive for the headbanging that they will inflict upon you. What you don't know, sure can find you and bang your head: "Carnotaurus began in 2005 as a one man metal project spearheaded by guitarist/vocalist Travis The Virus Hellton. In 2010 he released the EP A Taste of the Carnage to Come, playing all the instruments except for drums, which he programmed. In the fall of 2011 he recruited drummer Brad Navratil, formerly of Shroud of Desolation, and began playing live shows around the Seattle area. In the summer of 2013 they were joined by bassist Ariel Kemp to form the strongest Carnotaurus lineup yet. In 2015 the band released a new 5 song demo, Primordial Bloodshed. Their latest offering is Saurian Warefare, a split release with Kaiju Metal maniacs Oxygen Destroyer. In 2017 Carnotaurus shall release another EP and continue to unleash their brand of Mesozoic Death Metal upon the metal masses of the Pacific Northwest!"
by MMB

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