Thursday, October 27, 2016

Of Corpse

Of Corpse is brutal disgusting horrific repugnant more brutal death metal to sound as repulsive as inhumanly possible. The band has a motto that they do not know of yet: "If it's not fugly, it ain't right!" That's how they do things in Seattle when you are Of Corpse. This band is making Seattle proud.
Listen below if you dare, gamblers. You like to roll with the game and sometimes you go high and sometimes you go low, but have you ever gone this low? You're about to find out just how wonderful life can be when you go all in on the sounds of vintage death metal when the genre was in its infancy. Hold on to your hats, rollers, cuz you might get seasick on this riverboat.
Ladies first.
Ok, now your turn, gentlemen.
Don't forget to breathe!

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