Saturday, October 1, 2016

NEWS: listen to Skinwalker's black metal albums

Below you can listen to two complete albums by the black metal band Skinwalker from the state of Washington, U.S.
Skinwalker self describes as "Omak, Washington's first and only black metal band."
Insomniac - 6-string soulreaping, ritual invocations
Blacksmith - Skinthrashing crush****
Zamiel - 6-strings to eternity, non-silent whispers
Biography: Though I started this as a one man project back in 1999, the current line-up of Skinwalker have become more active in creating D.I.Y. CD's/shirts/stickers and playing live on both sides of the state since 2007. Since then we strive to keep the feeling of raw, yet melodic black metal alive. Trends come and go. But pure hatred for the holy and the use of dark magic on all spans of culture deserve a voice with longevity.

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