Monday, October 3, 2016

NEWS: Afrobomination threatens the world with new music

Afrobomination claims to be "Black Afro Speed Metal from Space" and now they have new music and they are letting the cat of out the bag with a new song. Go to the first link to hear the new sounds.
The second link below for the 2015 album which you can hear in its entirety there. That recording is some 78 minutes and they have hit songs like: "I'm Black," "Afro of Death,"F*** You, I'm Black," and "Afro Metal Command" and a whole bunch of cavernous extreme metal for headbanging.
This band is officially from Jupiter, but they have decided that some humans can listen to this music. If you are a human, today is your day, human. Don't waste it!
Finally, for those in the media that are curious, the band alleges: "From the deep chasms of space comes AFROBOMINATION to bring doom & blackness to the masses. Afrobomination is Afro Metal from space. They are black as the night, have huge afros, and they are a threat to NASA. They call their style 'Afro Crust'".

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