Monday, October 3, 2016

Infected Omnipotence: brutal death metal from The Dominican Republic

Infected Omnipotence decided years ago that in life there is only one objective: to play the most brutal death metal that they can. With their chaos they are putting out the call to the supporters of this music to come out and fly the flag of brutal death metal. Metal Archives gives a list of these releases: Global Infection EP 2012; Humanbotic Paradox Single 2014; Spawning a Dystopian Breed EP 2015. Find out more about the band below and check out some of their music.
Biography: Infected Omnipotence came into existence as an idea from Corpse about two years ago, as he was planning on having a band that represented Death Metal’s true feelings, which in return would work on filling an empty space existing in the local metal scene.
But it was not until mid-2011, during a prolonged break time from their respective Black Metal bands, Innsmouth and Haceldama, when both Corpse and Clandestine decided to mold their macabre project into form.
Composition work began right away, having Alocer (Haceldama & Diablastador) as drummer, due to his fast skills. With two tracks already finished, the band started to rehearse the material at a studio.
That’s when the band decided to give an opportunity to an up-and-coming vocal talent, Abortion, who, despise the fact of not having any live experience in any band, made an immediate impression due to his bestial guttural growls.
Last member to join the band, after a very long search, was Fleuretty, a veteran metalhead who would take care of bass duties… thus completing the all-powerfull line up for Infected Omnipotence.
The band’s moniker represents the level of evil that’s innate in human beings, taking it a step further and beyond, towards a supposed omnipotence, which stands as infected by evil, being as corrupted and decomposed.
The Band’s lyrical styling presents us with apocalyptic visions, as it does explore sickened mental conditions, as well as to transcendental personalities of the world. An example for this would be “Devotte”, the first single from the band, which tells us about an individual suffering from a mental illness known as “devotee wannabe”, taking him beyond his profound affection towards the disabled, forcing him into becoming one of them, even to the point of self-deceit; while “Mercitron Machine” serves as a kind of tribute to Jack Kevorkian, a personality better known as “Dr. Death”, due to his string of assisted suicides during the 90’s,and to his attitude at the courthouse.
The band defines itself as belonging to the Death Metal genre, being strongly influenced by the old traditional undercurrent of the style, even though they would also add some modern-age musical elements into their musical prowess.
Late August 2012 the band releases its first EP "Global Infection" containing four songs, including a cover of Vader. The album received good response from the national audience, as well as several reviews pages and international zines.
In the beginning of 2013 Corpse (guitarist) decided to leave the band due to lack of time, since then Infected has continued writing material for a full length and performing live.
Currently lyrics are more focused towards topics such as conspiracy theories, upper echelons of power manipulation, and forced religious indoctrination.
Infected Omnipotence - Illumination Through Insertion
Infected Omnipotence - Engendering Utopia

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