Sunday, October 9, 2016

free album: Storm Horizon (Canada)

Storm Horizon
The Vast Divide
Release date: March 16th, 2016
This recording is free/name your price.
On this particular album Storm Horizon (Canada) captures the last chapter of their phase as a melodic modern power metal with Doneka Reid's last testament on lead vocals. The album is strong evidence of the quality of these musicians, whose history reaches all the way back to 2008 when they were known as s Samandriel. This is not a rough demo by an inexperienced band trying things out; it is a well-considered recording with emphasis on catchy songs and melodic metal. Basically, this is the last opportunity to hear the band in this incarnation because from now on they will have only growling in their songs due to Doneka's departure from the band. The current members of the band are: Jeff C. - drums; Mike - bass/vocals; Justin - guitar; Oskar - guitar. The band has stated that Doneka will not be replaced and that they have new songs written already, with growled vocals, which will be different for sure. Even though some people have expressed disappointment about the idea of growled vocals, it does not make sense to dismiss the band without giving them a chance to hear the new music. They have said that the new music will be melodic, given that this is their style in the first place. The hope is the growls are geared towards quality, elegance and smoothness. Too many people growl as if screaming is by itself a good thing. It is not. Let’s wait to find out how things turn out for the new phase of the band. It’s ok to be disappointed with the change, but it’s good to have a positive attitude and to give them a chance as they take on a new road to follow.
Anyhow, listen to this album. It is the end on an era for the band. It's quality music.
Life goes on, members leave, that's all part of the adventure. The new adventures await!

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