Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bleed the Pigs

Bleed the Pigs is a noise-from-hell barrage of punk grind that is about upfront as it can be. If you enjoy angry punks ranting and raving about everything they don't like (and they don't like a lot), then this will be for you. Their Bandcamp page is a good place to hear their music. Check out the link below.
OFFICIAL: ""Vicious" doesn't even begin to describe the unholy racket this Nashville quartet brings crashing down upon the sanctified. Born in a basement and schooled in the blood-splattered doctrine of short, fast, and loud, Bleed the Pigs welds together hardcore, caustic grind, acrid noise and cutthroat power-violence to create an incredibly aggressive and extreme music alloy. Though each member of this DIY outfit more than pulls their weight — (check out bassist Christian Smith’s murderous grooves) — vocalist Kayla Phillips is the band's not-so-secret weapon thanks to both her magnetic stage presence and the harsh, malignant howls and raw political tirades that pour forth from her corroded throat." - KIM KELLY
Bleed The Pigs - For This Defect, And For No Other Guilt, We Here Are Lost"

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