Thursday, September 15, 2016

review by Mike Coles: Full Terror Assault 2 2016

Mike Coles is a longtime metalhead and is a library of metal music knowledge. He's been writing about metal music, doing zines and taking pictures for decades. This is what he wrote about Full Terror Assault metal music festival in the U.S. and below are a couple of pictures. Below is the Facebook link where you will see all the pictures that he has posted so far.
The first thing I must say is that it really sucks I missed out on the first day of the festival (My babies come first) and half of both Friday (Due to work) and Saturday (Went to the ER…. Stupid me.), but all is well, my good ol friend Luke and my cuzin' Tony made sure I knew about all the killer bands I missed out on. Thanks ya wankers!! Waaaaaaaaa!!! Well, I guess it could have been worse…. Or better? Miss out on the whole thing all together!! Congrats on the new addition to your family Dave!!! Sucks you missed out brother, but there is always next year, eh!!??
The first thing I reflected back on this year when I got there about last year was the weather. It was so cold last year, but this year….. AN INFERNO!!! And not to mention the killer storm that came through late Friday night, which reminds me, all of you whom left Friday night due to the storm….. You all missed out on a great day/night on Saturday!! And for those of you who didn’t stay and support the bands playing in the storm, what is wrong with you people? It’s water yo!! Just like taking a shower, but with clothes on. Seeing people moshing and tearing it up in the rain was such a killer sight!! Re-meeting Todd (Guitarist and vocalist for Mobile Death Camp) and catching up about GWAR’S 25th anniversary show I took pictures for in St. Louis at Pop’s was a great flash back. He was the 3rd Beef Cake the Mighty in case no one knew who he was.
As usual…. If anyone recalls my review from last year’s fest, no cell phone service was available, meaning people hung out and talked without any interruptions. People hung out and truly connected with one another. Ol’ boy Mike that we met last year as well even bought a pizza and shared it with us, also meaning, there were a lot of cool and friendly individuals once again. It cracks me up all the preconceived notions that non-metal heads put in their heads about what occurs at a Metal Festival or a metal show in general. You will meet some of the nicest and most down to earth people one will ever meet, regardless of the “dark” imagery some metal heads portray. A video was even posted of Metal Heads protecting the blind Metal head in the pit so he could experience the pit without getting hit!! Great sight to see I tell ya!!
I really enjoyed how the stages were set up this year. Bands were starting up on one stage as soon as the others finished at the other one, which made things a lot simpler than having four stages like last year. Other than people taking off a day early due to the storm, my only other complaint this year about the fest once again is the time and order of the bands playing due to some bands cancelling was hardly ever correct, once again missing out on bands thinking they were playing at a certain time, but didn’t. Although I know it isn’t entirely the fests fault, it still sucked that updates weren’t regularly posted. But other than that, it was a great fest once again.
For those of you who once again did not come out and support FTA2 as other shows or fests.... Once again..... I pitty thee for missing out on the ONLY open air Metal Festival in the U.S.A. I hope that maybe next year some of you who did not come will venture out and come experience and support what some of us got to do once again.... Catch up with old friends and enjoy some killer bands!! Until next year fellas....... PEACE!!
PS Thanks again to all who set this up!! Much appreciated!!

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