Thursday, September 1, 2016

NEWS: Nuclear Holocaust

Nuclear Holocaust
Overkill Commando
Selfmadegod Records
Release: 9 September 2016
At the link below the complete new album by grind unit Nuclear Holocaust (Poland) is available for listening. In this case, we are dealing with a band that sticks to the objective of not wasting your time. You came here for grind and there will be grind for the taking. This is not an album of genre mixing, it's not trying to incorporate all genres into the sound. It is grind, just grind. In addition, the band has a clear sound quality and a professional recording, too. You can hear the different instruments and the band plays tight. You can hear the guitar and it's not muddy nor buried in the mix. It is grind, but they are serious about it and do not sound loose and sloppy. They are not a death metal per se, that's true, but they are definitely not a hardcore band, either. This album is a very good demonstration of traditional grind in 2016.
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: Selfmadegod Records presents Overkill Commando, the debut full-length from Polish grindcore quartet, NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST. NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, comprised of vocalist Bloodseeker, guitarist XXX-Bomber, drummer Overkiller, and bassist Doomtrigger, recorded twenty brand new songs for their debut album at local Backyard Studios with producer Pawel “Chudy” Chyla in April and May 2016, completing the record in early May 2016. Overkill Commando is powerful dose of dirty, old fashioned grindcore heavily influenced by classic bands like Terrorizer, Extreme Noise Terror, and Repulsion. The cover artwork was created by Marcin Studzinski of St. Chaos Art.
Overkill Commando will see European release on June 27th, and will see US release on September 9th, the long delay due to a new MVD distribution deal for Selfmadegod Records, this record marking the first title under the new pact. NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST is a new band born in April 2015 in Świdnik, Poland. That August they released a demo called Mutant Inferno which met with a very positive response, and the band was subsequently offered shows at Into the Abyss Festival alongside Dead Congregation, Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench, and others, Mini Merciless Festival, a run of shows across Ireland with Dead Goats, and more.

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