Thursday, September 1, 2016


Human Cargo
Deformeathing Productions
Release: 3 September 2016
F.A.M. is a grind band from Poland. Their brand of grind is on the brutal side, with rather heavy guitars for a thick sound and also with a bit of variety in the vocals, like low, gruff growling and some punk-like screaming thrown in for good measure. The band uses samples that appear to be taken from movies and other media, for the sicko feeling that they seek to convey. Overall, the music is fast, direct and good for the grind aficionados that want the super duper fast quick music. Do you want more and more grind? Say no more, friend, F.A.M. is here and things are going to be ok again.
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: Deformeathing Productions are pleased to announce that they will release Human Cargo, the new album by Polish death/grind band F.A.M. (Furor Arma Ministrat)on September 3rd 2016. The album is 14 tracks of old-school death/grind in the vein of classic Napalm Death and early Carcass.
Human Cargo is the title of the second, full album by FAM. The album contains 14 first-class tracks, a sophisticated massacre, on the verge of death metal and grindcore. "Human Cargo" is absolutely one of the strongest premieres of 2016!!!! The recording were made in PanzerStudio in Myszkow. The Mixing and mastering was made under MichaƂ Grabowski’s eye. Graphic design was made by Blackteammedia, who previously cooperated with Christ Agony, Witchmaster etc.
F.A.M. (Furor Arma Ministrat) was founded by ex-DISSENTER members Mlody and Stoker in 2005. The first material called "Panzergrind", was recorded in 2006 and then In 2007 "Bullet(in)", the band's debut record was released. Since the release of the debut album, the band has made several line-up changes and performed with bands such as Napalm Death, Disfear, Hail of Bullets, Sinister and Squash Bowels.
F.A.M - Junkie (Official Video)

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