Monday, September 19, 2016


HESSIAN WOLF CHILDREN is a traditional, vintage-style grind band from California, U.S. with an EP called The Hessian Wolf Children EP.
"What does that even mean, dude?! 'traditional, vintage-style grind'?!"
Grind is in the eye of beholder in 2016. Grind and postrock seem to go together in a lot of cases: sludge, drone, chugging, slowness and indie rock vibes and grooves are part of the sound of grind. Many bands want to "jazz it up a bit," don't they?
Nevertheless, this band did not get the memo. Well, they probably did, but they ignored it, deleted it, threw it in the trash can or they have decided that when someone asks them, they will say that the internet was not working that day or that mailroom attendant did not show up that day, so they never saw the memo that they needed to "jazz it up a bit."
They will say the following: "Hey, I'm sorry, but we never saw that the new memo. We were working under the old instructions. The old memos always said: 'Keep it fast, thrash it up like nobody's business and for Pete's sake, keep it to the point; it's grind, remember? If you are new to the job, please see Repulsion and S.O.B. for reference.'" It seems like a solid alibi.
The guitar tone is the classic-style crossover thrash sharp sound, the drumming is blasting and chaotic and it sounds like a person (not a computer). Oh, yeah, there is also the issue of the vocalist: a total lunatic screaming from the top of his lungs. I have listened to the short recording quite a few times and I have started to figure out the words, like: aarrggghhhhh, woof-woof, yoowwwwhhhhhhhhhh, and waauuugh. There are seven songs: 1.No More Excuses 00:27;2.I Wanna Have Your Abortion 01:37;3.Concrete Spectrum Destroyer 00:55; 4.Rat Freeway 01:20; 5.Debt Slut 00:23; 6.Hessian Aggression 03:32; 7.H.K.A. 00:03.
As you can see, their message is one of love, peace and understanding (for nobody) and blasting speed grind crossover thrash punk from now until the cows come home. Listen to this recording at the link below. On your mark, get set, go!
by MMB

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