Wednesday, August 10, 2016

thrash from Argentina: Virulencia

Virulencia has a recording of upfront thrash in Spanish. The lyrics may be in a different language, but the language of the music is the same all over the world: it's thrash and it's metal. These four songs stay true to the promise of intensity and vocal rage. Virulencia's recording starts with a slow intro that suggests that some pain is coming your way, and next thing you know, it's off to the races. The guitars kick in, and it's time for the show. The vocals are totally based on the idea of street thrash and fury. The first song is called "Asesina," which does not need much of a translation and neither does "Instinto animal." Virulencia is Ailín Alisio and she takes care of the guitars, bass and vocals. Find out more below.
Instinto animal
release date: July 11th, 2016
1.Intro 02:10
2.Asesina 03:56
3.Instinto animal 04:24
4.Mentira 03:12
5.Encarnizado 04:40
total time 18:22

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