Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Theories (Seattle) tour coming up

OFFICIAL: Only 1 1/2 more months til this absolute BEAST of a tour starts. It's 2016 and "Trends" seem to be all the rage right now and the popularity of Metal is at an all time high, which is weird cause metal used to be extremely underground. Well.... at least Grind is still unpopular and untouched. But sadly, there seems be be fewer and fewer new, current and active grind bands which is lame considering that the West Coast used to be a haven for Grind. While we aren't a Grindcore band by definition we still consider ourselves part of that scene and the bands we have the honor to share the stage with on this tour, Wake and Vermin Womb are prime examples of current and incredible grindcore bands. If you haven't had a chance to see or hear them, this is your chance, DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS!!
See all y'all West Coast, SouthWest, Tijuana, British Columbia and Nevada homies soon!! Do us a solid and share/repost this to help get the word out!!

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