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Tetrarch is a U.S. metalcore/modern metal band originally from Atlanta, Georgia and at the present time they are based out of Los Angeles, California. The band says that in 2016 they will have their debut album out. So far, they have demos and EPs in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2013, according to Metal Archives. The origins of the band go back to when they were in high school. At first they started jamming and they were into bands like Metallica and Korn.
So far, the sound of the band has been in a state of flux. When the album is released we'll see where they are heading with their music. So far, they have began moving away from the narrow metalcore sound and have pointed towards a more guitar-centered sound, with traditional metal/melodic thrash riffs and soloing and the vocals have moved a bit more towards a more traditional singing style, although the metalcore origins are still audible, with the scream/shouts, some gangshout vocals, and the potty-mouth words thrown in for image-conscious “toughness.”
All in all, it's still a bit unclear what will happen, but we can say that while a song like "Leave Me Alone" features the more typical metalcore guitars, scream/sing vocals and the angry adolescent potty-mouth lyrics, the guitar work and singing on "We Are the Hunters" gives a peak of power metal/thrash riffing and drumming, showing that this band, if they decided so, could move in a more serious direction of the broader, international metal music, not just the Avenge Sevenfold/Tremonti/Disturbed/Creed/Slipknot crowds that some people call "mallcore" or "Hot Topic metal,” music exclusively aimed for the adolescent and mainstream U.S radio rock demographics.
The members of the band themselves recognize and have commented in various places that they have grown as musicians. The general, the skill level has improved in terms of songwriting. One issue that is a bit of a problem for evaluation is that, apparently, their most recent recording is from 2013. Hopefully, the Korn/Slipknot/Disturbed influences are left behind for good, and the thrash, traditional heavy metal and extreme metal can win the battle for the soul of Tetrarch.
Below are a couple of songs. Also, the band’s Facebook page has more than a few songs that you can hear for yourself. The band is Diamond Rowe on lead guitar and backing vocals, Josh Fore on vocals and rhythm guitar, Ryan Lerner on bass and Ruben Limas on drums.
Tetrarch-We Are The Hunters
Tetrarch - "Relentless" Guitar Playthrough

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