Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Of Corpse (Seattle)

Of Corpse likes to speak with its music: death metal today is shiny, polished, fancy, and computerized. That sucks! That's it, that's the message coming from this band from Seattle. Death metal, according to these hooligans, is supposed to be fugly, rotten and unmelodic. If a band is making it pretty, then they're ruining it! The computer metal bands better get out of this kitchen right now because they can't handle this heat. They can't handle this barbaric monstrosity, this ugly-soul music. Yeah, yeah, tell this group about it, this is too raw, this is too retro, too 80s-tape-deck-garage recording, too unprofessional. Oh, no, what a nightmare, it turns out that death metal was once really ugly and this band somehow found a way to make it all ugly again, and this band appears not to know that you can cheat with computers, technology, software and applications. It's like they did not get the memo: you are not actually supposed to let people hear what you really sound like. You are supposed to use technology to hide your mistakes and trick people into believing that you are more talented than you are. C'mon, Of Corpse, your honesty is a bit irritating. Why don't you learn to lie, cheat and deceive a little bit better, guys?! This is band is un-Impetigo-believable!
Disgusted by Rites upon Exhumed Roots demo 2014
Inhumed demo 2015
Sewercide / Of Corpse split 7" split 2016

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