Monday, August 15, 2016

NEWS: Savior from Anger

Savior from Anger
Temple of Judgment
Release date: April 29th, 2016
Label: Pure Steel Records
This is a proud band. They tell you straight out that they play "U.S. metal" like the 1980s. They love the hard-driving, riff-charged, strong-vocals and memorable-song style of bands from the U.S. like Metal Church, Riot, Armored Saint and all those groups too numerous to mention. Of course, the band's name comes from the U.S. band Vicious Rumors' fourth album from 1991, the near-perfect heavy metal cult classic called Welcome to the Ball, a work that is critically acclaimed.
So, what do you get with the band Savior from Anger? Well, actually, they really have to deliver, don't they? Otherwise, what's the point of mentioning the classic bands? If you tell people that you are going to do something, then you better do it. You better do it!
Well, well, the verdict is in: Savior from Anger has come through and passed the test with flying colors. Songs to remember, the classic-style riffs, the solos and the singing, it all has passed the strict examination and the hammer of critical judgment.
They want to bring back the style of “U.S. metal” from the 1980s to 2016. Who are you to stand in their way?! Say the magic words 80s Armored Saint and Vicious Rumors and this band will be there to rock you. If you hate traditional heavy metal, then you will hate this band. Below is a bunch of official information for your reading pleasure.
OFFICIAL: Take care people of great Power Metal!!! Now there is "Temple of Judgment", the fourth album from Italians Metal heroes SAVIOR FROM ANGER. It was quite for a longer time around the band, but after different Line-up changes they went to studio again playing finest US-Metal style songs. Mark Ryal, the leader of SFA could get Bob Mitchel, (ex-Wycked Synn, Mind Assassin, ex-Alchemy X, ex-Attacker, ex-Sleepy Hollow, ex-Sceptor, ex-Vyndykator). In addition Frank Fiordellisi on bass and Michael Kusch on drums. Together they made an outstanding Metal album! Even Craig Wells (Ex-METAL CHURCH) wrote songs for "Temple of Judgement", so you can expect highest class Metal from Italy sounding like true US Metal! Great things are coming from Italy, SAVIOR FROM ANGER with TEMPLE OF JUDGMENT, e basta!
OFFICIAL: If you loved the U.S. metal of the eighties of band like Riot, Vicious Rumors, Metal Church, Armored Saint, Crimson Glory and more ... you add our page at your profile!!! Keep on rockin.
SAVIOR FROM ANGER was founded by guitarist Mark Ryal. The bands influences come from the stylistics of US Heavy Metal. Soon after its initial formation, the band independently released their debut EP "NO WAY OUT" in 2006 through MRM PRODUCTION.
During 2007 and 2008 the band hit the road performing with many established international Metal bands while earning its reputation as an established live act.
In 2008, the band signed with Germany's ROCK IT UP RECORDS and released their first full-length album “ LOST IN THE DARKNESS” in early 2009. Soon after the release, SFA were direct tour support for US Metal act VICIOUS RUMORS which culminated at the POUNDING WIMP REAPER Metal fest which also featured Sacred Steel, Skyclad and more.
During 2009 and 2010 the band toured as direct support for Blaze Bayley, Kee Marcello (European guitar sensation), Uli John Roth, Vinnie Moore and God Dethroned. Throughout 2011 while still earning its reputation, SFA participated and became mainstays for all major metal festival events in their home country of Italy.
In September 2012, the band signed a new deal for Italian record label MY GRAVEYARD PRODUCTIONS. The "AGE OF DECADENCE” album was released on January 31st of 2013.
SFA have now revamped its line up and have recruited internationally renowned vocalist Bob Mitchell, formerly of Attacker and currently with Mind Assassin and Old School. With this line up, the band will embark on yet another chapter in its storied career with their new album "Temple Of Judgment" as the bands fourth release. The album is expected to be unleashed in 2015! Their story continues.......
SAVIOR FROM ANGER is: Mark Ryal- Guitar, Bob Mitchell- Vocals, Frank Fiordellisi- Bass Guitar, Michael Kusch- Drums

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