Thursday, August 25, 2016

NEWS: Infernal Diatribe

Infernal Diatribe (Kolkata, India)
Videha Mukti
Release Date - June 20th, 2016
Record Label - Transcending Obscurity Distribution
This one is for the souls and hearts of occult black metal. Whether it is new listeners into the craft or the experienced audiences, as long as there is a passion for black metal and its allegiance, this Indian formation is definitely one to hear. This is apparently their first recording, at least that's what Metal Archives says, but they seem and sound devoted to their art already, as this is no rehearsal cassette tape demo. It is true that it is only an EP, but it's a promising one: traditional black metal in spirit, with an emphasis on songs that make an impression as songs, not just as fast or as a genre qualifier. It is only EP, and the cynics say that every band has a few goods songs in them, but let's not get pessimistic at the start. Acquaint yourself with two (out of four) songs at the link below, consider their worthiness or not, their value or their lack thereof, but give it some time and let it sink in, maybe come back to it, and reevaluate. It does sound promising, doesn't it? Let's give them a chance with this EP, and let's make a mental list of black metal bands from India to watch out for and let's see where things stand later on when they unleash a full-length album. There will be more to comment, enjoy, critique or reject then. For now, bang your head!
OFFICIAL: Infernal Diatribe, hailing from Kolkata, India, have taken the torch from Heathen Beast in further propagating the sound of black metal from the country. Along with significant albums released by Toxoid and Diabolus Arcanium, they're at the foremost where the black metal scene in India is currently poised. Playing vicious and ambitious occult black metal, this quintet is all set to unleash their underground assault on unsuspecting ears worldwide. The band have worked tremendously hard on making this debut, their dream, a reality and armed with a deal with Transcending Obscurity Distribution, one can expect the band moving out of their home base to play other cities, and hopefully, other countries as well. Nonetheless, there's little to stop their blackened spiritual attack. Superbly composed songs with an underlying dark Indian theme forms the crux of the band's music. The whole affair reeks of spiritual indulgences, the left hand path and its fatal implications this side of the world, as the band tells us about the aghori path of moksha aka spiritual enlightenment.

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