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NEWS: Feanor

Feanor is a very proud true heavy metal band from Argentina. Their 2016 album is called We Are Heavy Metal and they made a video for the title track and below you can watch the video. Learn more about the band below.
We Are Heavy Metal
Release date: 2016
OFFICIAL: BLESSED by the secret of steel and fury called Heavy Metal, FEANOR was formed in early July 1996. After some rehearsals the songs "On Wings of Storm", "North Star" and "Your Suffering Is Very Slow "they were born. However, due to the difficulty of finding musicians with enough balls FEANOR recently debuted live at the Marquee on November 26, 1998, a great show full of power!
After presenting numerous recitals in Buenos Aires and the rest of the country, the band enters the studio for the recording of which was his first demo On Wings Of Tempest including 5 songs which received very good reviews both nationally and in the Foreign. During this period, more lineup changes occurred. With these reinforcements, the group continued performing live on their land and sharing the stage with numerous bands from the local scene and generating links of steel with international groups such as Virgin Steele, Wizard, Steel Warrior, Sacred Steel, Twisted Tower Dire, Anorimori, Battleroar, Wotan among many others.
Then, duty calls, the time comes to enter the studio again! The name of your second demo album is This Is For You, which is edited "OFFICIALLY" and is dedicated to the public the True Metal City Bahia Blanca, who supported the bellicose band during the toughest moments of his career. This recording also represents a gift of extra power with the collaboration of Sven D'Anna, the German band Wizard, as the leading voice on "Houses of Fire" -Casas del Fuego (the voice for this track was recorded on well known and respectable "Youngblood Professional Studio in Germany". Thanks to this work the band manages to enter the European market, breaking the sales record of the Greek label PORT SECRET RECORDS (, and starting in this way the bond with the seal. It is at this time when FEANOR includes "This is for you" song in "Metallic Brotherhood Vol. 1" edited by Metal Fanzine of Argentina, then continue this tradition in all previous editions of this prestigious publication. (
More concerts came, and once again, Gustavo and his Brothers of Metal demonstrated their incredible skill with weapons instrumental forcing a lot of fake running like rats !!
The controversial FEANOR attitude earned them a lot of enemies but the pure and true heart of this young institution obtained the alliance of the Community of True Metal, and that was when all the traitors and false were a little worried.
Without denying its Epic Metal style that characterizes a band like FEANOR, the group continued performing and spreading his second demo CD This is for you all Bs. As. E interior. Not important contemporary movements or musical fashions, distanced from any commercial interest ... Just for the sake of Metal, just for the sake of Steel.
In 2003 a new battle shone on the horizon. A new Test Steel and the opportunity to dethrone the infidels rising to a higher level occurs again !!!. The turbulent fury of FEANOR began preparing the material of what was their great debut album. However after 3 nights of frantic recording a sequence of events that would fail to ordinary mortal bands is merciless with FEANOR, it is how after recording the foundation of 13 Hymns steel father guitarist Flavio Bianchi dies thereupon said musician left the band, supported by drummer Emiliano Wach, who moves away from music for purely personal reasons, immediately the inevitability of the death of the father Gustavo Feanor Acosta, as well as that of the studio owner Jerry Guiardino adds . After such shocks, long tapes remain captive in the recording studio until much effort are taken from the site for restoration and completion.
In this way 12 tracks of more roaring steel saw the light, with the participation this time the leader of the German band MAJESTY "Tarek Magharty" playing the guitar solo in the song "Too slow is your suffering" and Facundo Coral (Paul Gillman) taking over the heavy task of guitar solos work is completed in the study "the Oseberg ship."
Released in Europe and distributed worldwide through Secret Port Records, properly the name of this album is "INVINCIBLE" including the clip of the song "North Star" as bonus CD. The album devastates in Europe and the first edition sells out quickly, excellent reviews raining down from all over the globe !.
Again steel prevails once more the conviction is stronger than fate, once again defeat mediocrity determination.
FEANOR is here to prove it every day, are ready to fight on our side ???.
FEANOR - We Are Heavy Metal Videoclip

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