Saturday, August 13, 2016

NEWS: Behexen

The Poisonous Path
release date: May 27th, 2016
label: Debemur Morti Productions
The long-running Finnish band Behexen is highly regarded by supporters of traditional, true black metal for its devotion to its art since 1994. Fashions and trends come and go, and the metal music publications go crazy over this or that new band, all the while Behexen moves on ahead refining and perfecting its craft. The band has several albums that some listeners consider classics. For instance, quite a few Behexen loyalists swear by the album By the Blessing of Satan, but to the band, that album is more than ten years ago. Behexen 2016 leads to The Poisonous Path, a work that showcases the typically intense, high-energy music of always, but they are more knowledgeable about songwriting, recording and sound quality. Still raw and fast, there are other spirits besides speed on here, the band offers a booming recording within the context of black metal. Behexen becomes more and more Behexen, finding its ways to deliver the occult music so that it can be heard, while still maintaining the tradition it has upheld for decades.
Below you will find the discography of the band. In addition, at least as of today, Saturday, the 13th of August of 2016, on YouTube you can hear the new album in its entirety.
* 2016: The Poisonous Path (Full length cd/lp)
* 2012: Nightside Emanations (Full lenght cd/lp)
* 2008: My Soul for His Glory (Full lenght cd/lp)
* 2008: Behexen & Satanic Warmaster split
* 2008: From the Devil's Chalice 3x7" box set/ cd
* 2004: Behexen & Horna split (cd/lp)
* 2004: By the Blessing of Satan (full lenght cd/lp)
* 2000: Rituale Satanum (full lenght cd/lp)
* 1998: Blessed Be the Darkness (Demo)
* 1997: Eternal Realm (Demo)
* 1995: Reality is in Evil... (Demo) [as Lords of the Left Hand]
BEHEXEN - The Poisonous Path [Full Album]

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