Friday, August 12, 2016

HEADLESS CROWN - Edge Of Sanity Videoclip

Traditional heavy metal band Headless Crown's debut album is called Time for Revolution and this is a video for the song "Edge of Sanity."
OFFICIAL: HEADLESS CROWN is a classic heavy metal band based in Geneva (Switzerland) and influenced by the masters of the genre (Accept, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest).
The band started in 2011 as a duo with drummer V.G. Richardson (Silver Dirt), then singer Steff Perrone (Rated X - Silver Dirt) came on board, eleven songs were written, the beast started to take shape.
Following adds, lead guitarist Ced Legger (Old Legend - Lachesis) arrived, a bit later Richardson quit, and the coming and going of musicians started for some time.
But nothing eroded the motivation of the band, and following the arrival of bassist Mack Machet (Darkness - Tobacco Road) in 2013 and drummer Carlos Bensabat (The Cruisers - Lace) in January 2014, the band was completed, all united under the heavy metal banner.
In June 2014, HEADLESS CROWN starts studio sessions to record their first album " Time For Revolution". To be released through Massacre Records on December 4th, 2015.
HEADLESS CROWN is ready to defend their powerful and melodic songs on stage and make headbang the metal crowds all around the world.
Beware, evil is rising, the hellhounds are on the run… be seeing you…
HEADLESS CROWN - Edge Of Sanity Videoclip

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