Wednesday, August 10, 2016

free recording of crust: Dissidence [U.S.] (+ show in Seattle soon)

This crust band has several free/name-your-price recordings available at the link below. They describe themselves in the following way: "Dissidence is an anarchist blackened crust band hailing from Reno, Nevada. Politically charged crust with primitive black metal riffs and crushing breakdowns." The whole point of the band, as you can see, is to get out their political frustrations about the world in the form of real, genuine sounds of extreme music that is raw and human, but that the listener can also remember. Dissidence, of course, does sound rather obnoxious and rowdy, as is expected, with real instruments and not too computerized; however, it won’t take too long for supporters of crust to understand where this is all going, given that the songs get to the point quickly and stay on message. Get the job done fast and move on to the next song. Also, see the flyer or their Facebook page for more information about some shows coming up, including in Portland and in Seattle. The band is: Erin on the growls, Ryan beating on the drums, Austin abusing the guitar and Candace taking care of the low frequencies.
September 2 Dissidence, Athamé, Toecutter at Georgetown Liquor Company, Seattle, WA

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