Sunday, August 7, 2016

free black metal: Toque de Difuntos (Spain)

Toque de Difuntos (Spain)
Demo '15
release date: December 10th, 2015
This is a free/name-your-price recording of black metal from Madrid, Spain. The band formed in 2014 and so far they have this demo to offer. They have been looking for a second guitarist, but they have not found anyone yet. Regardless, this summer they are going to record their debut album. The band is composed of Miguel Mortuus (bass & vocals), Salva Campuzano (guitars) and Nacho Remírez (drums). The recording sounds like a serious band and there is a genuine quality to the recording. The band calls itself "melodic black metal," and hopefully they will continue this style and direction. It sounds like traditional black metal: guitars, drums, bass and vocals. It's music with real drums and with plenty of headbanging riffs and tremolo picking. The vocals are also traditional black metal. Interesting and promising band.
1.Toque de Difuntos 05:01
2.Dama Negra 04:39
3.Pozo de la Agonía 07:36
total time 17:16

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